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Friday Fit Fix

Do you know what today? It’s four weeks without my boot. Four glorious weeks! The last two weeks I have been slowly building up my time walking every other day, as advised by my doctor. And now… NOW I get to try running! Today I get to start very slowly doing some run/walk intervals every other day. It’s going to be fantastic! It’s forecasted to be 54 here today (though still foggy) and I will get to enjoy my first trail run of the year right after work. It’s going to be magical!

Here is how my last week (Friday-Thursday) of workouts looked.

Saturday – Treadmill walk because we were in the middle of an ice storm. Walking outside was not an option. I had 40 minutes on the agenda and I filled every single minute with music. And zero minutes on my bun. Obviously.  🙂  (6 WW FitPoints earned.)

Monday – We were just starting to thaw from the weekend of ice. Another treadmill walk for me. I had 50 minutes scheduled and I knew music alone wasn’t going to cut it. It was time for a little dose of Netflix. Scandal for the win! So much drama to distract me from the treadmill. It was just what I needed! (8 WW FitPoints earned.)

Wednesday – My final required recovery walk! This was for one hour. I indulged in another episode of Scandal and finished up with a few videos from Twenty One Pilots. Love them! (9 WW FitPoints earned.)

I am beyond happy to report my foot is still completely pain-free! No pain, no odd sensations. Fingers crossed this continues as I ease back into running. I need to be in the woods exploring trails! I am more than ready to take advantage of the nice weather they are predicting for the next week.

How was your week of workouts?

What was the highlight of your week?


Friday Fit Fix

I did it! I am finally back at it. Moving, grooving, making this foot of mine earn its keep! It’s been just the best week. Working out always makes me feel so much better overall. Mentally, physically, everything. I am so ready to get back out there and do what I want, when I want! Until the foot is completely ready healed, I will continue taking it slow and steady. Here’s what that looked like this past week (Friday-Thursday).

Friday – My first day to try out a short, 10-minute, flat walk with the foot. It was dreamy, but went by way too quickly! (2 WW FitPoints earned.)

Sunday – Another bump in my time to 15 minutes on the treadmill after an hour of playing tennis at the club with Sassy. By playing I mean hitting balls to her to return and being a target for her to serve against. I knew lunging at tennis balls would not be a good idea for me at this time. Soon enough! (2 WW FitPoints earned.)

Tuesday – 20 minutes was on the agenda and it was finally warm enough (but still very chilly!) to walk outside. So excited! It was dark by the time I got home from work so OMG Becky and I went to a well-lit, local walking trail with Stella. It felt amazing to breathe in the fresh air and relax! (3 WW FitPoints earned.)

Thursday – Another treadmill walk for me with another increase up to 30 minutes. It was a fine time, just kind of boring. I had planned to watch an On Demand show, but it kept freezing up. I finally turned on my favorite playlist and got it done! The girls went to a yoga class and I would have liked to join them, but again, I am waiting on things like that. Still protecting the foot for a bit longer! (5 WW FitPoints earned.)

This week will be another week of walking and increasing my time. I hope the weather cooperates and I can get some of done outside! Though I don’t see that happening anytime soon. We have freezing rain tonight through Sunday afternoon. Not even sure if I will be able to get out to a treadmill tomorrow for my scheduled walk. Fingers crossed the ice isn’t as bad as the local news stations say it might be!

How was your fitness this week?

What was the highlight?

After School Walk

Yesterday afternoon OMG Becky surprised me by answering yes when I asked her if she wanted to explore a new trail with me.  Score!  I had been itching to get back into the woods!  And boy did we luck out with gorgeous weather.  Seventy degrees.  In November.  In the Midwest.  Pretty rare but oh so appreciated!

The trees are pretty bare now, making it easier to see farther.

hike, woods

Occasional burst of color really stand out.

hike, woods, fall foliage

Just a peak of the lake along this particular trail.

hike, woods, lake

We caught a couple does spying on us.

hike, woods, deer

hike, woods, omg becky

hike, woods

This bridge was a nice surprise!

hike, woods, bridge

Until we found a man with a dog on the other side.  He yelled out to us the his dog  he was holding back was friendly and then turned her loose.  She came charging at us!  Thankfully, she was very friendly, but then proceeded to follow us for quite a ways down the trail until her owner called her back.

hike, woods, dog

hike, woods, creek

I found a couple more trees for the win!

hike, woods, tree eating object

Is this tree growing out of a crack in a rock?  Or is the growth of the tree creating the crack?

hike, woods, tree growing out of rock

The walk was a great way to start the weekend.

Later we met up with a close family friend for ice cream.  He was our neighbor for six years before we moved the West coast.  Was good to catch up!

What did you do to kick off your weekend?

Family Geography

This morning after I got my girls up, made them breakfast and got them on the bus, I headed out on a walk to explore my new/old neighborhood.  My girls and I are currently staying with my parents until two things happen.  One – I find a job.  This is proving to be a very time-consuming process!  Two – Buy and remodel a foreclosed house that needs a lot of sweat equity.  So until then we are bunking it here, multi-generation style.  And it’s not too bad.  My parents’ house is roomy with a finished lower level that could be its own apartment/rental.

My parents moved here seven years ago.  My younger brother lives in this subdivision, too.  He moved in a year or so before them.  My cousin lives in the subdivision next to this one.  And I actually lived on the same street there as well when I was married to my girls’ father.  (But then we downsized and divorced and I moved to the next city over into the subdivision my oldest brother lives in.)

family house

My old house in Subdivision A.


  • 12 years ago or so – I moved to Subdivision A
  • Couple of years later – Cousin moved to Subdivision A on same street
  • Couple of years later – I move to Subdivision B (next city over) where oldest brother lives.
  • Following year – Younger brother moves to Subdivision C, next to Subdivision A
  • Following year – Parents move to Subdivision C
  • 2012 – I am back in Subdivision C, living with the parental units.

You may have noticed after that clear convoluted paragraph, we like to cluster.  It may come as no shock to you, I am looking to find a house in this subdivision or one adjoining.  Plus, I want to keep my girls in their current schools.  Moving can be so hard on them and I would really like to minimize that as much as possible.

My walk today was winding through six subdivisions looking at properties.  I have my eye on a few.  Now if I could just find a job!

When was the last time you had to job hunt?  How long did it take to find a job?  I have been applying for almost eight weeks now.