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Best Way to Spend a Sunday

We have a lot of local trails.  So many that I don’t think I will ever be able to explore them all.  But I have fun trying!

Today I hiked with a great friend through a familiar park.  We started on a trail I had been on many times, but then took a turn along a route that was new to me.   The trail was narrow and rocky on many parts for I was looking down, watching my step most of the time.  As we reached the top of a small hill, I looked up to see this…

A water reservoir!  I backtracked on the trail, but couldn’t fit it all in the photo.  It was so big!

I love being in the woods, exploring the trails, how they change day by day.  It’s amazing to watch, always something new to see.

Such a great way to spend my Sunday morning!

How did you spend your day?