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Breast Man & Skirt Chaser

I don’t even know what to make of my cat, Leo.  He has a fondness for bras.  I don’t know why.  Within hours of brining him home in November last year, we found him curled up in the cup of one of my bras.  (TMI?)

Then tonight, while I was sorting laundry, he found this bikini top of my daughter’s he wanted to “try on.”

Oh my goodness.  I wonder if he is also a sock hoarder?…

After work, I hit up Costco and found this!

Adidas Running Skirt!  I’m hoping I like this one better than my other skirt.  Hard to tell, but this one is a gray/slate color with raspberry attached shorts and trim.  So cute!  And only $19!  They also had it in black, but I was good and only got one.

Though if I fall in love with it on my run tomorrow, I will have to go back for the black one.  😉

Do you have a pet that collects things?


Skirt the Issue

Last weekend my oldest daughter dragged me to her favorite consignment shop.  The girl loves fashion and is a whiz at finding hidden treasures and pulling together the outfits that always bring compliments from strangers.  It’s a gift.  One I have no idea where she got.  I digress.

On that particular day, she didn’t find anything she wanted.  But I did!

A brand new, with tags tennis running skirt for only $10!  Yes, please!

The skirt features white shorts underneath and slits on the side.  Trust me, the white shorts situation gave me cause to pause.  But I decided since I usually run pretty early in the morning, if there was an issue of any kind, I would be the only one to know and then I would never wear them again.

One thing I didn’t notice until I put them on for my first run?  No pockets!  Which meant no house key.  Not a big deal but I do prefer a little pocket of some kind.  But there was a bigger problem with the built-in shorts.  They wouldn’t stay put!  They kept riding up in the front the entire time.  Thank goodness it was early out so no one had to witness me constantly yanking them down.  Classy!

This is me doing the yoga pose Viparita Karani.  It always feels great after a  run!  Anyway, you can clearly see my issue here.  (And once again, my amazing photo skills are on display!)


I was terrified I would end up with terrible chaffing.  Thank goodness that didn’t happen.  But I’m still not sure about this skort.  I liked it for the most part, but the riding up may be a deal breaker.

Should I give the skort another chance?

Do you run in a skirt?