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Will Run for Cupcakes

Today was race day!  My third 5K and Sassy’s first.  This was a smaller race with less than 600 runners.  The start line would be one of only a couple of times I would see her.  The race started and she took off!

race start line

I finally saw her running the opposite direction at the first of two turn-arounds.  It was then I realized I had only seen one girl her age ahead of her.  I then started watching for others to see how close they were to her.

5k race

After the second turn around, I noticed she was still behind just the one girl.  I then thought she might actually medal!

She was waiting at our meeting tent as I came through the finish line.  My goal this race was to not walk.  I didn’t walk AND I shaved 2.5+ minutes off my PR!  Color me surprised.  I placed 12th in my age division.  Not too shabby for what was my longest run since before my wreck in August.

finish line

I really wish we had dressed up for this Valentine’s Day themed-race.  We saw some cute outfits!  I was jealous, but dressing up had totally slipped my mind.  So unlike me!

A friend of mine also ran this race.  It was her first in months, also.

finish line

Did I mention it was freezing?  Literally freezing.  Only 29 degrees, with a wind chill of 17.  So very cold.

So we made the most of the situation and we went in search of the cupcakes!  There were also bananas, water, and six types of Balance and Kind bars.

race cupcakes

Chocolate for me, of course!

We tried hanging out for the awards ceremony, making new friends along the way.

But it was too cold!  We went to wait in the car for awhile.  Finally we heard the MC calling for all runners.  We quickly grabbed our blankets as an outer layer and headed to the ceremony.

And then came the big moment!  Winners in the female 11-14 year old category   They named third place.  Not Sassy.  They named second place.  Not Sassy!  First place?  SASSY!  She won 1st place in her age division in her very first race!!

race winners ceremony

1st place race winner

If you are wondering about the little girl I saw in front of her, she was only 10 years old.  She won 1st place in a younger age division.

After the ceremony, my dad sent me a text asking where we were.  He thought Sassy’s win was reason to party.  So the party was on!  Or at least as much as you can party that early in the morning when half frozen.  To iHop we went!

iHop chocolate chocolate chip pancakes

Because everyone knows chocolate chocolate chip pancakes are the best post-race fuel!

1 of 13 in 2013 done!

~ ~ ~

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5K Pear Blossom Run

Yesterday started way too early for me!  I had signed up to run a 5K with a 7:00 AM start time.   The run is part of a larger festival, The Pear Blossom.  The 3-day  festival includes the race, a street fair, pageants, parade and food & wine stroll.  After signing up for the race, I learned I would be working part of the festival.  That meant getting to the location even earlier to set up

The run itself started in 1977.  There is a group of seven individuals listed in the program that have run this race every single year since it started!  The race has really grown over the years and now includes a 10 mile, 5K, 2 mile and 1 mile races.  This is a family event!  Strollers are allowed in all races except the 10 mile.  There were 1400+ competitors in the 10 mile and 1700+ competitors in the 5K.  I haven’t seen numbers for the 1 mile or 2 mile yet.

It was a pretty crowded start!

It was an out and back route.  There wasn’t a lot of crowd support along the way, other than at the start/finish line.  And for the most part, that crowd was pretty quite except for the occasion clapping.  I did hear a name yelled here and there.  This couple was adorable!

They were sitting on their front lawn all bundled up with a sign reading, “You Can Do It!”  Loved the support!  Sorry for the bad photo.  I’ve come to the realization my camera does not take clear photos when I am in motion.  Gah.  Must get a new one soon.

The finish area of the race felt pretty tight.  People were elbow to elbow in there.  They offered bananas (under the black canopy) and a beverage station (Pepsi truck).  There were a few drinks to choose from including Propel Zero, Gatorade, Aquafina, and SoBe.  I know I walked by the green canopy but don’t remember what was under it.  Must not have been anything too wonderful!

I didn’t see them, but I heard there were massages being offered somewhere in the area.

I did see these as I left the race area…

Sparkle Skirts!  I want one!

After the race, I had to get back to work.  I was so excited to see a booth next to mine had set up while I was gone.  Why so happy?  Because they were handing out one of my favorite things.  Chocolate!

Danigold Refuel, rich chocolate protein milk.  Yes, please!  I hadn’t seen this drink before, but I really enjoyed it.

And then it was time to stretch.

And apparently time for my girls to take extreme close-ups of me.

And stuff my pockets with my phone, keys and iPod.  Nice.  Don’t worry, I didn’t run like that.  I ran with my camera and my iPod in my hands, of course!

Heaven forbid I put my hard-earned banana down for a moment.  Darn kids might steal it or something!

Hurts so good?  More like, “Stop taking my picture already!”

Did you have a race this weekend?  How was it?

Have you tried the Danigold Refuel?  Did you like it?