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Festival Foods & Head Under My Bed

This past weekend was a local fall festival.  Crap.  Looks like there is no stopping the end of summer.

The girls and I were due to work a shift at our church’s booth.  I am not exaggerating when I say it is the most popular booth in the entire festival.  The booth serves steakburgers that are so in demand, we have a 2 lines wrapped down the street both directions, open to close.  The booth has been a part of this festival for decades.  But before our shift, we wanted to walk around a bit to see what else was happening.

I think this booth had the largest selection and the most varied items.  Would you like shark on a stick or maybe alligator on a stick, with a baconade to wash it all down?  Yep, they’ve got it.

festival food

And now I want to throw up.

Sassy and I were on a mission to locate a booth we had visited last year.  The pie booth!  (OMG Becky and her friend had gone a different direction with the idea of meeting at our booth for our shift.)  The pie booth is another church’s booth and is so good!  They usually have about a dozen different pies to choose from either by the slice or an entire pie.

We found the booth and Sassy decided on classic cherry a la mode.

cherry pie a la mode

I went for something a little less traditional…

walnut chocolate chip pie

Walnut chocolate chip!  Yes, it tasted as good as it sounds.  (And look at me!  I only ate one bite before remembering to take a picture for you.  Huge improvement!  As you know, I’m usually at least halfway through my plate before I remember to do that.)

Sassy and I found a seat on the steps of a closed business behind the booths to sit and enjoy our pie.  We had just finished up when OMG Becky and Chad appeared with pie in hand.  She had decided on the same treat!  I’m telling you, these pies are awesome!

Chad wasn’t sure out of all the treats at the festival, that pie was the one he wanted.  That was until he had a bite of OMG Becky’s apple pie a la mode.

He ended up eating half of hers!  I’m pretty sure next year he will be hitting up the pie booth, too.

After exploring the festival, it was time for our shift.  Our church has the burger assembly down to a science with everyone doing one small step and then passing it one to the next person.  My big job?  I had to grab a to-go container already stuffed with the bun, turn it tab side up on the line, insert the order ticket under the top portion of the bun, and add salt &/or pepper, if requested, before passing it on to the mustard and ketchup person.  OMG Becky was that person, Chad was the bun boy, and Sassy was the drink girl.

Our three-hour shift flew by!  At the end of it, we were “paid” with a burger and drink.  Or in my case, a meat-less burger (cheese, veggies, condiments & bun) and drink.

Don’t they look cute in their aprons?  We also had paper hats.  So pretty.

The kids were exhausted.  We had been on our feet for almost five hours straight.  We didn’t get done at the booth until almost 11:00 PM, then we had to walk back to our car several blocks away.  By the time we drove Chad home, we didn’t get home until 11:30 PM.   But we all had a great time and would totally do it again!

Now let’s talk about Stella.  She has a habit that I wanted to discuss with you.  For whatever reason, whenever she is in my room, she insists on putting her head, and her head only, under my bed.  Here are three different days as examples…


Um, Stella?…

I have no idea what the deal is.  It’s not like she is playing under the bed.  She just lays down, puts her head under the bed and goes to sleep.  Such a weirdo.

What odd quirk does your pet have?

What food did you get at the last festival you went to?

What is the most exotic thing you have ever eaten?

What is your favorite kind of pie?


Penguins, Pie & Pancakes

My daughter, Sassy turned 11 last week.  She wanted to have a couple of friends spend the night versus a bigger party for just a few hours.

Presents!  Yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper, but in my defense, she loves penguins.

Birthday pie!  Key Lime pie is her favorite.  She decided that is what she wanted instead of a cake.  So pie it was with a side of Birthday Cake ice cream!

Pajamas on, waiting for popcorn, watching a movie.

Pillow pile!  Luckily, they were pretty quiet most of the night and only woke me up a few times.

The next morning I made them peanut butter, banana pancakes.  They ate no less than three each!

When was the last slumber party you were a part of?