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Snow (kind of) Run

It’s been a looong week.  I finally started feeling better on Wednesday.  But this week happened to be my busiest work week of the month.  The second week of the month for me can be crazy and this one proved to be no different.  So a few extra rest days for me!

I kept waiting all morning for the temperature to rise at little bit higher.  It finally crawled up from 35 to 37 around mid-afternoon.  Figured it was the warmest it was going to be so Sassy and I got ready and headed outside to find it was suddenly snowing!  The flakes were huge at first by died down to almost nothing within a few blocks.

Sassy had fun trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.  She loves snow!  She does not take after me regarding that.  I like snow from afar, if at all.

We did a short 20-minute run with a few walk breaks.  I really like running with Sassy, seeing the world through her eyes.  She’s good company, even though she’s faster than me!