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They’re Here!

How’s your weekend going? I hope it’s off to a good start!

Stella is ready for some more trail adventures. With temperatures close to 70 degrees, we will be all about the outdoors!

boxer, hike, trail

This week a very important thing happened. My nieces stopped by to deliver ourย Girl Scout cookie order. Oh happy day!

Girl Scout cookies

Another exciting thing was this soup! It’s a vegetarian, loaded baked potato recipe and it’s divine. Hope to share it with you soon!


Can we talk about saltine crackers for a moment? Does your family go through them like water? I don’t know what the deal is, but it seems like I buy a box of them every single week. They just seem to disappear! Good thing they are cheap.

I had to shareย my new favorite,ย running shirt with you! I bought it on super sale on Black Friday. I finally got around to wearing it last week.ย It has thumb holes! I’m a big fan of thumb holes.


And then I realized it has built-in, fold-over mittens. What?! I am in love!

fold-over mittens

fold-over mittens

Fold-over mittens… Yay or nay?

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Caramel Delites!