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Spring (Cleaning) Has Sprung

My girls are currently on Spring Break with their dad.  While they are gone, I am going to try to get a few projects done around the house.  Why is it sometimes so much harder to accomplish the smallest things with kids around?

My project list includes:

Project #1:  Organizing my closest.  My current closet is the smallest closet I have ever had.  It has double sliding doors so it’s not terribly tiny, but I’m having to adjust.  It currently has one long bar across for hanging clothes.  And one shelf that runs across the top of it.  Nothing else.  My shoes are a complete mess.

The Fix:  I purchased one of these for my shoes.


I will probably need another one.  But we will see.  I am also thinking about getting one of the units with drawers.


The units can be stacked, if needed.  Think they will do a lot to help get the lower section of my closet in shape.

Project #2:  The garage.  I have a single car garage that is actually pretty large.  It has room for storage along one side, as well along the front of the garage.  The problem being there is only one built-in shelving unit currently.  I need more shelves and a place to store our bikes.  They are currently being kept against a fence, under a tarp.  Not good!

The Fix:  I purchased a set of heavy-duty shelves for more vertical storage.


I also bought a storage track system with vertical bike hooks, similar to this one.


Once I get the bikes in place, I hope to get a few more hooks for the girls softball bags, brooms, etc.

Project #3:  Our back deck.  Our house does not have a back yard.  It has a deck that you can access through the dining room or kitchen.  The deck itself is very narrow.  I will have to measure it, but I would say it’s 5′ x 40′.  We cannot fit a regular-sized table out there.  There is also my neighbor’s garage just a couple of feet away from the deck.  My  landlord put up bamboo screening along my deck for privacy.  But the whole space is a very blah, monotone beige.

The Fix:  Color!  I need pops of color.  This will be done with lighting, potted plants, placemats and rugs.  Seating!  I have purchased two green, bistro sets for outside dining.


So there you have it!  My plans for Spring Break.  Not that I have any time off work, but with my girls gone, I hope to get a lot accomplished.  I will post the before and after pictures as I complete the projects.

Do you get time off for Spring Break?

What are your Spring Break plans? 

Do you have any Spring Cleaning projects you are working on?