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Largest Shell in the Country

Independence Day snuck up on me this year. I was prepping for a large regional work meeting to happen the Tuesday after the holiday. Before I knew it, it was the Friday/day before the actual holiday and I was nowhere near ready. I ended up working Friday instead of having the day off.

When Saturday the Fourth arrived, I really had no idea what we were going to do to celebrate. OMG Becky ended up deserting Sassy and I to hang out at the lake, boating all day. I left our plans up to Sassy. She made some interesting choices. First up was a trip to Bass Pro Shop. I hadn’t been there in years!

bass pro shops

bass pro shops

I found a SUP board that I really wanted, but Sassy wouldn’t buy it for me. (Have I mentioned how much I want one of these boards?! I do! We live just blocks from two lakes. I want to train Stella the Boxer to ride with me. I think it would be a lot of fun for both of us!)

We hit a few more stores before heading to a festival at another lake in the area. We were hoping to get there in time to see the skydivers. Sassy had been excited when she heard there was skydiving until she realized she would not be the one skydiving. She is such an adrenaline junkie!

skydiverWe got there just in time to see four skydivers jump and parachute down with smoke trails behind them. It was a pretty neat sight!

We then got in the world’s longest line for a funnel cake. I kid you not, we were in line for almost 1.5 hours. This annual festival draws a crowd of 20,000 people, but only offered four food trucks. Four. Ri.dic.u.lous.

Luckily, the live music on the stage was loud so we got to enjoy a bit of entertainment. We also enjoyed watching the boats coming in. The lake gets pretty busy as the boaters all come over to this area to watch the fireworks.

lake festival

After getting our funnel cake, we walked over to the next cove to find a place in the grass to sit and wait for the show in the sky.

funnel cake

It was a sad funnel cake.  Not really worth the wait.  =(

About 20 minutes after we sat down, the fireworks started! It was only about 15 minutes of fun, but the best was saved for last. The reason we came to this particular fireworks show? They were going to shoot off the largest firework shell in the country! The largest. And here it is for your viewing pleasure!

Largest shell in America

Again, Sassy was disappointed. For some reason, she thought the fireworks were going to last over an hour. Not sure where she got that idea! She also thought the large shell would be more grand. I myself thought it was pretty cool!

Sunday we spent the afternoon at my parents’ swimming.

swimming, cousins

Great weekend!

Have you tried SUP boarding yet? Should I get one?


Fourth Fun

Hey all! How was your Fourth of July? Mine was pretty low-key, but good. Just the way I like it!

I started the day by sleeping in. What?! Who am I? Truth be told, I’ve had a lot of trouble falling asleep lately, then missing morning workouts to catch up on sleep before dragging myself out of bed to get to work on time. Feeling exhausted all day, but still not being about to fall asleep at night. It has not been fun. So catching up on that sleep felt pretty awesome yesterday!

Then I wanted to be outside! It was a cooler morning that wouldn’t last long and I wanted to enjoy it. OMG Becky and I knew it would be a great day to spend some time at our local dog park.

It was a busy place! I think everyone had the same idea. OMG Becky was immediately greeted by a large, muddy pup jumping on her. What a welcome!

dog park pond

Stella enjoyed her usual romp through the pond. She loves to run through it and all around the trail surrounding it. Too bad she couldn’t convince any of the other dogs to chase her! That’s her favorite game.

After the pond, we hosed Stella off and went to the main park area to hike awhile to dry her off. The trail was packed, too. So many people out enjoying the mild weather. It was nice to see everyone enjoying the holiday!

Then OMG Becky had to go to work. Whomp, whomp. She picked up an extra shift so a co-worker could spend the holiday with her young child. Ahh!

I headed out to the country to a friends’ party. They just moved into their new, custom-built house. It’s beautiful!

This blurry, finger-imposed picture is the only outside pic I managed to take of it. I was too busy with other stuff. Like eating way too much! Goodness, so much food, so many hours to enjoy it. No need to see pictures of all that, but I will show you my favorite dish offered.

These festive, individual cheesecakes were phenomenal! They had an Oreo crust, cheesecake, some sort of frosting and then strawberry on top. Soooo good!

(That was my bottle of Skinnygirl Mojito. I LOVE mojitos! Like my favorite drink ever. This pre-mixed version was not very good. Darn! I won’t buy it again.)

Other snapshots. Cooler corner!

Cutest 4-month old Yorkie ever!

The later it got, the louder the music got and the dancing began!

One of the guests was a DJ who brought his equipment. Fun! Oh wait, but I don’t dance. Oh well, it was fun watching the others.

Once it was dark enough, the fireworks began. The neighbors really put on a great show!

I loved watching the little boys run around throwing Bang Snaps on the ground near people’s feet. They had a blast making people jump! Ha! But it made me miss my girls. Holidays just aren’t the same without them! (Sassy is at their dad’s. She comes back tomorrow! It’s been two weeks and I am ready for her to be home!)

Sorry, I didn’t get any great photos of the fireworks, but you should ask my mom to see her awesome, accidental selfie she took while trying to take an overhead fireworks photo.  😉

How was your Fourth of July?

Have you tried any of the Skinnygirl cocktails? Reviews?

Fourth of July Celebration

I hope you had a nice Fourth of July holiday!

My town goes all out for the holiday.  It’s been a huge celebration with parade for over 100 years!  It includes a run, parade, festival (booths, venders & beer garden), concerts and fireworks.  My plan was to do the run, parade, festival and fireworks.  I made it to 3 of the 4.  Let’s just say I was having tummy issues and decided the run was probably not the best idea for me this year.

So here is my holiday in pictures and a couple of videos!

As I was getting ready for the day, I could hear a lot of traffic outside.  And then I heard music!  A band was obviously assembling close-by.  Then I walked outside to find this!  A band lining up for the parade right in front of my house.  Sweet!  Let the fun begin!

In my rush to get downtown, I walked off and forgotten my coffee.  Luckily, my friends had set up their viewing area right in front of Starbucks!  Yes!  The line was long but worth it.  And by the time I got my iced coffee drink and was heading back out the door, the line was twice this long.  Yikes!

And now the parade, in no particular order.

Dancing macaroni band!

Dancing high school football players.  Not sure why, but okay.

Dancing doctors and nurses from a local clinic.  I wish I had recorded more of their routine!

A volunteer group that works at the animal shelter had some cute pet costumes!

And a bag pipe band, of course!

This group is a non-profit that works to rehabilitate injured wild animals.

I loved this rider’s gigantic cowboy hat!

And I really like this guy’s fun, shiny bike!

And what did I find at the end of the parade?  The grand finale?!  The band that was warming up in front of my house!  (Incident on the right side of the screen 8-19 seconds in may not be the best thing to be doing at a family parade…)

The parade was awesome!  It went on for two hours and over 20,000 spectators.  That’s about equal to the entire population of my town!  I was sad my girls had to miss it.  Sassy would have been in it for sure with either her softball team or her gymnastics group.

After the parade, I met up with a couple other friends for lunch and to check out the booths.  We grabbed sub sandwiches from one of our favorite local restaurants and then found an empty picnic table in the shade next to the creek.  Perfect!

The booths area was crowded and I didn’t get a good picture.  Maybe next year!

After walking around, we needed dessert.  Froyo was the answer!  Isn’t it always?  Check out that guy’s red, white and blue lei and balloon hat!  So festive!

The night ended with a walk to a local park to watch the 15-minute fireworks show.  My camera and me suck so no photos of that to show you.  But they were lovely!  The best part is listening to the oh’s and ah’s from the crowd.  I can actually see the fireworks from my house but it’s so much more fun to be a part of the celebration, don’t you think?

How did you celebrate the holiday?

Do you like parades?

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a pretty big deal here.  The downtown celebration is over 100 years old!  It starts the day before the holiday with people marking their viewing spots along the parade route.  They put out their chairs and blankets.  Some even go as far as marking with duct tape.  It’s crazy!

The celebration starts early on the Fourth with a run, followed by the parade and then activities, food  and entertainment in the park downtown.  Later that night is more entertainment and a spectacular fireworks display.

OMG Becky and Sassy were in the parade.  They were very excited to do this since it was their first holiday here.  Barbarian’s sister was dancing in the parade with her belly dancing troupe.  They invited their children to pass out candy and flyers along the route as they danced. 

This photo is right before the parade started. Look at that crowd!
Barbarian and I lucked out and found a nice shady spot to watch from.
Here comes Sassy! See the little tutu she’s wearing? We made it. So cute! Okay, so she looks a little more like the Material Girl than a Belly Dancer. But she’s still adorable! 
And that hand in the middle of the photo? That would be Barbarian waving to her.
And there are the belly dancers!  Their parade entry received first place in their division!
After the parade we found some entertainment and lunch.
This band from Texas was great!  I can’t remember their name…
Anyone that knows me, knows I am a self-proclaimed, people watcher.  One of my favorite things about living here is the awesome variety of people.  If you didn’t know better, you might think you were watching a music video being filmed!
These gals were one of our favorite sites that day.  These living statues would hold their position until someone tipped them.  Then they would reposition themselves.  This went on for hours!  Do you think that metallic paint on their skins is healthy or, at the very least, extremely hard to remove?!
Barbarian and I watched the fireworks from our deck.  They were beautiful! 
Can’t wait for the next holiday here!