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Great Dane & Great Music

Today started with a run!  Please try to contain your surprise.  I can barely believe it myself.  My runs have been very sporadic lately.  Let’s hope that’s a thing of the past!

Sassy went with me today on her bike.  Let’s take a gander at the biker fashion she’s sporting today.  We’ll start at the top and work our way down.  Shall we?

  • Orange tie dye shirt
  • Two bracelets she made herself. One features a pink, plastic puzzle piece.
  • Multiple shin bruises because the girl plays hard.
  • Neon orange, smiley face socks.
  • Zebra print kicks.
  • Neon green shoelaces.

And all together fabulous!

We headed out on a newer route that cuts through part of the university campus.  We immediately noticed there was more traffic than usual.  Like a lot more with vehicles and pedestrians everywhere!  As we wove our way along, we came up to the stadium and it was packed.  Apparently today was their commencement ceremony and it was just getting ready to start.  Madness!  We quickly headed away from all the hoopla.

The rest of the run/ride was pretty uneventful until we were just a couple blocks from home.  A pedestrian cut Sassy off because he was distracted looking at the cup of coffee he had just purchased.  It was a close call!  His wife yelled at him at the last second as Sassy hit her breaks.  Luckily, she wasn’t going very fast because she was peddling uphill.  He apologized for the incident.  I told Sassy not to worry, it wasn’t her fault since he didn’t signal before turning in front of her.  Mr. Pedestrian and his wife thought that was pretty funny.  😉

Later in the morning, we headed downtown to the library.  The summer reading program has begun!  Our library has a program for everyone from infants to adults.  You know we will be participating, because we’re cool like that!


I had totally forgotten today was Saturday!  (Don’t blame me.  It’s been a weird week with school and work functions.)  Saturday means one downtown block closed down for the Farmers Market.  So many goodies to explore!

And musicians, of course!

Today’s musicians featured Scottish music with a fiddle/violin and an accordion.

Tonight we headed to the free outdoor concert again.  I loved tonight’s group!

This group featured a cello, guitar, violin and drums.  They played a great mix of gypsy, folk, blues and jazz.  Oh and rock!  Everything from Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blue to Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze.  So very good!  The crowd loved them and really got into it.

Speaking of the crowd… my favorite concert-goer tonight?  A Great Dane!  He was massive and a crowd favorite!

Can you see him sitting there watching?!  So cool!  Though I did feel a bit sorry for the people behind him.  Must have been hard to see around, he was so tall even while seated!  Great Danes are one of my favorite breeds of dogs.  Two of our previous neighbors had one.  Both just the sweetest animals!

What is your favorite breed of dog?  Great Danes, Boxers and French Bulldogs!

Are you participating in a summer reading program at your local library?


Lucky Charms

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve had a full day so far.  Went to yoga class this morning.  This was my first time ever going to this Saturday morning class.  I have worked every Saturday since moving to Oregon!  I really enjoyed the teacher.  And I think others must like her too because the class was packed with wall to wall mats.

After showering, I took Sassy shopping for a birthday gift to give to a friend, dropped her off at that party, picked up OMG Becky, hit a few stores looking for a few pieces of furniture we want, farmer’s market (got bananas, honey, red potatoes, pistachios & three kinds of apples!), pizza for dinner, three large planters for the front of the house and a 6′ potted palm for the back deck.  Think we have spring fever!

And now we are getting ready for a slumber party my daughter is hosting tonight.  Should be fun!  And hopefully they all drop from a sugar coma before midnight.


Sounds about right…

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?