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Beetles, Spiders & Snakes, Oh My!

Saturday night the girls and I set out on an evening hike.  We are racing the sun, so it was a quick one.

I wanted a picture of the three of us before our hike.  OMG Becky was not cooperative and it took forever to talk her into a picture.  This should teach her to get on board a little quicker next time!


Yes, I am twelve years old.  Poor Sassy behaved and still didn’t get all the way in the photo.

I was rocking my usual non-matching outfit.

Green, hot pink, blue, coral?  Yes, please.

I have no idea what Sassy was doing here.  Other than showing off her amazing high step skills.

Or maybe my clashing clothes were burning her retinas and she couldn’t see to walk straight…  Around this time, I started Prancercising.  The girls had no idea what I was doing!  I tried telling them about it, but they thought I had lost my mind.  Please tell me you know what Prancercise is!?

Gift from OMG Becky.


I then threw it at her.  Don’t judge.  I mean seriously, was I suppose to hold it the entire hike, take it home and then do what with it?  Yep, didn’t think so.

Like I said, we were moving fast.  And I tend to walk fast anyway.  OMG Becky is always complaining her legs are too short to keep up with me.  Ha!  So I would walk my fast pace, the girls would fall behind and then come running to catch up.

On this trail, we cross over a creek that spills into the lake.  And for the first time ever, we saw fish in it!  A couple of the fish were a good 12″ long and several smaller fish, too.


I tried to take a picture of it, but couldn’t get a good shot.

This day we tried a new-to-us part of the trail.


OMG Becky was not a fan of it to start.  It was pretty dark section of trees to start.  She said it reminded her of the Wizard of Oz forest.  Ha!  Still have no idea where it comes out at.  We had to turn around and come back.

But we did see some interesting things along the way!  At one point, this nice-sized spider ran across in front of me.


And then a bit later, OMG Becky squealed because she almost stepped on this snake.


He was about 15-16″ long.

Once we turned around to head back to the trailhead, we saw the same snake still just hanging out.  And another spider just like the first one ran across the trail again.  We should probably install a spider crossing sign.  It seems to be a popular spot!

We also seemed to attract some sort of large, black flying insects we could not elude.  It had us sprinting several times.  This thing was not afraid to dive bomb our heads!  At one point, OMG Becky took off running and yelling, “I’m done!”

she gone

She gone.

When we caught up to her, she had made a new friend.


A beetle!  She would put her foot down and he would crawl under and out the other side.

By the time we were almost out of the woods, the sun was just about to set over the lake.

sunset over lake

The trees were glowing red from the light.

sunset at lake

Such a pretty night for a hike!

And then we were rewarded with this sight on the way home.  A doe with her twin fawns!

doe and twin fawns

Nature kind of rocks.

As soon as we got home, OMG Becky hit YouTube to find out a bit more about Prancersicing.

watch video

So fun.  She got an eyeful.  And if you need some tips on how to do it properly, you must watch this video!

Do you try to match your workout clothes?  Or are you a mismatched mess like me?


Cake Walk & Root Beer Float

After a relaxing day on Saturday, we made up for it on Sunday.  Our day was packed from beginning to end.

It started at 6:30 AM with a trail run with OMG Becky.  I have no idea how I talked her into it, but I did!  Humidity of 90%?  Fantastic.

We were greeted by a deer watching us near the trail head.


Can you see her?

I’m pretty sure we were the first ones out on the trail since I ended up running through no less than six spider webs.  One across my nose and one across my mouth.  YUCK!

We were rewarded for our early morning effort with more animal sights.

A rabbit that enjoyed running down the trail in front of us, instead of veering off into the tall grass.


Maybe he thought we couldn’t see him?

And you may have seen this turtle picture on my Instagram already.

water turtle

Such a big guy!




More phenomenal photography skills on display.

trail run

Or not.

After cleaning up, we went to church where I found the most pleasant surprise.  Cake!


There was a cake reception for a member of our ministry leaving our church.  I wish we had cake at church every Sunday!

After church, I needed a few things from Costco.  Did I tell you they don’t carry my favorite MaraNatha almond butter at Costco here?  Guess it’s only at West coast stores.  Sad.


As soon as I got home, I realized I should have bought more bananas.  I like to have extras for smoothies.  Don’t know what I was thinking!  I guess I was distracted by all the samples.  They were in every aisle!

On the way out of the store, Guy commented that he loved the tires.  I asked if he wanted me to take his picture with them.  He did!  Ha!

costco tires

Boys are so funny.

After dropping our purchases off at home, we headed to OMG Becky’s softball practice.  Beautiful day for it!

cloudy sky

After practice, it was back to church for the kick-off event for our vacation bible school that started today.

Hoppy and I started with the cake walk and she won!

cake walk

I tried to talk her into getting me a cupcake as her prize.  No go.  She wanted cookies.  Whatever.  She was very exctied about them.  So excited she decided to hide them from the rest of the family.

Guess she thought someone might try to eat them.  She knows us so well.

There were was photo area with props.  Ha!

And root beer floats!  Yum!

root beer float

And a dunk tank.  It had the longest line.

dunk tank

That might have had something to do with the fact that our pastor was the one getting dunked.

After working the first half of the event, my girls joined in the cake walk, too.  They both won, but only Sassy offered to share her treat with me.  She’s my favorite.  😉  (Anyone want to bet on how long it will take before OMG Becky reads this post and calls me out on that comment?…)

cake walk

Actually, my mom’s my favorite.  She also won in the cake walk and got me a piece of yummy cake.  Cake at church twice in one day.  Best Sunday ever!

After the kick-off event, we needed real food to go with the root beer floats and cake walk goodies we had eaten.

Mexican restaurant to the rescue!  Salty chips and salsa hit the spot.

What wildlife do you see on your runs/hikes/walks?

Cake walk winner!  What treat would you pick?

Our Backyard

Yesterday, the rain we have seen a lot of lately broke.  The girls and I decided a drive around the lake we live next to would be fun.  This is the lake we run trails on whenever possible.  It’s gorgeous!  We are so lucky to have it literally around the corner.

It was nice to see some of the first boats of the season!  I need to make friends with each and every one of them.  You can never had too many friends with boats.  😉

lake ramp

The girls then convinced me we should visit the fish that hang around the marina.

large fish

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!

feeding fish

The girls had a blast feeding them!

feeding fish

Some of us were more brave than others when on the dock completely surrounded by fish.  I’m not naming any names…

feeding fish

A little more scenic driving on the way to the other side of the lake.  The trees and grass are really starting to turn green now!

We saw turkey in one field and three deer in this one.

deer in pasture

Those were nice to see but we had bigger game on our mind.  Why?  Because this park has a native animal enclosure!  First we came upon the elk.  The girls were a bit nervous being that close to them.



This park allows you to feed the animals.

How fun is that?!  We got in on the action!

First Sassy tried watermelon someone had left.

elk eating watermelon

The elk basically ignored it.  How can they not like watermelon?!  So wrong.

Next we tried carrots.

elk eating carrot


Oh yeah!  They loved the carrots.  So much so they let the girls rub their noses while eating them out of their hands.

elk eating carrot

The elk were fun but we knew there was bigger animals to be found.  Bigger?  What’s bigger than the elk?…



Look at my little bloggers-in-the-making!


Even though the girls had quickly warmed up to the elk, the bison were a whole other story.  There was no touching them.


Many of them seemed to enjoy butting their heads against the fence.  It was fun to watch the girls reactions!


I’m pretty sure the bison enjoyed it, too.  I think it’s a game to them.  🙂

Yesterday was the perfect way to spend a couple of hours outside together!  I was happy everything was so close to parking so I didn’t have to go very far on my crutches.  They certainly make things challenging, but I refuse to let them stop me.  Not when there is this much exploring to be done!

What was your favorite part of your weekend?

How often do you go to the zoo?

Most importantly, do you have a boat?

Babies, Football & Umbrellas

No, not my babies.  These babies!

Our town is crawling with newborn deer.  White spots galore!  I spotted these twin cuties with their mama just outside Sassy’s bedroom window when I was in there packing yesterday.

The cats  are going a bit nuts without the girls here to entertain them.  And they are more than a little confused by all the boxes.

Can you guess which cat this is?…

It’s Okie!  He’s just watching the world go by.  Things are picking up out there with twice a day football practice happening on the field right next to our house.  Apparently, Okie is a real sports fan!

Yesterday I went to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants.  There is a walkway that runs behind the restaurants, along the creek.  This space is used for outdoor restaurant seating.  Each restaurant has their own style of tables, chairs and umbrellas so you can clearly see which “restaurant” you are at.

A sea of umbrellas!  It’s always a great space to hang out, enjoy the cooler air and people watch.

What’s happening in your corner of the world?

Back Fat Be Gone Workout

Thursday night, my small group set out on a shorter, but hilly hike to prep us another longer hike we have planned.  A couple of us used trekking poles for the first time because they are necessary for the other hike.  Actually we used ski poles because that’s what we had on hand.  It was a sort of we’re cheap thrifty “try it before you buy it” adventure.

It took me forever to figure out the movement of using the poles!  I could not walk and talk, or even think about anything else at first or I would mess up my rhythm.  I felt like a monkey with a new toy.  Finally I got the hang of it and started to enjoy them.

I must tell you, I could totally feel the movement across my back and thought of all my back fat melting away.  It was a delusion good feeling!  I told my friends that I wondered if this was a good workout for my back fat.  One gal said, yes probably.  I told her she was not my real friend.  A real friend would have said something along the lines of “Back fat?  I’ve never noticed you had back fat!”

I asked the same friend to take a picture of me along the way.  She apparently could not figure out my newfangled contraption called a cell-phone camera!  Because the photos and two videos (taken on accident!) were all like this…

I think she was sore about the back fat/friend comment.  😉

Most of the fun on this hike took place on the way down the hill.  Because quite frankly, climbing up it was less than fun.  It took us right at one hour to climb the two miles to the top.

You can sort of make out the town below through the middle of the tree on the left.

We had just started descending when we suddenly heard a musical band.   Now it’s not unusual to see a fellow hiker in the woods with their instrument.  But this was way more than one instrument that we were hearing.  More like a school marching/concert band in the middle of the woods!  We quickly realized it was coming from a concert in the bandshell miles below us in the park.

not my bandshell (source)

The bandshell only hosts a few concerts a year and local high school graduations.  And it just so happened to be facing the direction of the trail/hill we were on.  We were treated to a live concert all the way down. So cool!  I highly recommend you request a live band serenade you on your next hike.  Invigorating, I tell you!

And then there was this little guy…

He was very curious and followed us about 1/2 mile.  Deer here tend to be a little too unafraid of humans for their own good.

I was nervous that I would wake up Friday sore from the longer hike on Wednesday and then this hilly hike/back fat workout on Thursday, but I didn’t!  Guess my body has finally figured out to quit being a cry baby and suck it.  It’s about time!

What’s the biggest surprise you have found/heard in the woods?  And keep it PG, please.  😉


Oh Hail No!

I had three events for work within a 24 hour period over the weekend.  I need a day off.

Other happenings from the last few days in photos…


Click espresso protein powder and banana smoothie.


Ran into a “neighbor” on my run.

LL pledge

Younger daughter leading the Little League pledge.


Cat, Cat, Kitten!  Similar to Duck, Duck, Goose…


Fast & furious, Florida-style rain.


And hail, too!  Noooo!

How was your weekend?

Protect Your Dog’s Noggin

Yesterday I had to work an event that was a bit of a drive from my office.  Not that I minded with views like this.

The event was outside and the weather was perfect!  I was enjoying being outside, doing what I do.  And then the highlight of my day appeared!

There are no words.  I was immediately smitten and asked if I could take a photo.  I had to share with you!  For dogsake, she’s wearing a helmet!  And googles!  While riding in a pet carrier/backpack thing!  While on a bike!  I knew you would appreciate this sight as much as I did.

This dog was the calmest dog I have ever seen.  Seriously just hanging out.  No pun intended.   The dog owner said she has been “riding” with him since she was 9 months old.  And apparently when he first got the Outward Hound Backpack Pet Carrier, he wore it on his back, but puppy didn’t like that.  She wants to see where she’s going, not where she’s been!  Smart girl!

Last night we had a few deer visitors.  Nothing unusual about that.  They love our yard and hung out for a couple hours.  And this little guy didn’t mind having his photo taken at all.

The sunset cast some amazing colors on the mountains last night!

And that is where we hiked to earlier today to watch the solar eclipse.  More on that tomorrow!

What was the oddest thing you saw this weekend?