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Chocolate Festival

My girls and I went to a chocolate festival today.  It was our second year attending this festival.  My girls have been counting down for weeks because they knew what was waiting for them.

This festival features over 50 chocolatiers and specialty food venders.  You can sample chocolate and treats until your little heart’s content.  And we did!

My girls dug right in.

A little here…

A little there…

Both girls decided they wanted this rabbit from the Easter Bunny this year.  Who wouldn’t?!  Bunny was 34″ tall and weighs 14 pounds!

I was so glad we went early just as the festival was opening.  The crowds were really small at that time.  I heard on the news tonight it was the largest crowd in the festivals history with over 2000 people attending.

I remember last year it was wall to wall people when we were there.  So we really lucked out catching this break in the crowd.

We had a bit of a chocolate overload, but it was all too wonderful to not sample.

Have you ever been to a chocolate festival?