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Best Pizza I’ve Ever Made

And that is saying something!  But first a couple of other things to share with you.

Monday’s run powered by Jay-Z & Linkin Park station on Pandora.


It was a good one!

Random picture from the weekend.

sailboat on lake

I love seeing sailboats out there!

And then I made pizza!

homemade pizza

Photo above by OMG Becky.  She has obviously inherited my phenomenal photography skills.

Spinach, Roma tomatoes and chicken for the girls.

homemade chicken pizza

homemade chicken pizza

Mine was amazing!  Bosc pear, carmelized red onions and Gorgonzola cheese.  I tried to copy my favorite Pear + Gorgonzola pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.  OMG yum!   I will be making this again!

homemade pear pizza

homemade pear pizza

The crust was a package mix.  It was just okay.  I will keep looking for a better one.

The cats were approved of my pizza-making skills.

black cat

sleepy cat

Don’t they look excited?

They are about excited as my girls right now.  They go back to school tomorrow.  I made them go to bed early last night and then get up early today so they could get on their school sleep schedule.  They are not too happy with me.  I’m okay with that.  🙂

Have you ever been sailing?  Nope, but looks like fun!

What would you put on your homemade pizza?


I Used to be Cool

Random photos from the last few days…

OMG Becky’s homecoming is this weekend!  She is working on a top-secret project.  Shhh!  Can you tell she’s a huge fan of Pinterest?

homecoming shoes, dyi shoes project


Yesterday we had strong winds blow through the area.  Of course, when I was home alone I heard a thud in the backyard.  This is what I found…

deck, strong wind


The wind had blown part of the railing off a small deck!  Why do things like this always happen around me?  Luckily, my parents had plans to remove it this spring anyway.  They plan on extending the deck a few feet closer to the pool area.

This is what happens if we leave the cats alone for too long.

lap cats



They then attach themselves to us like cat velcro.  Go ahead and tell me how much you love my penguin pajama bottoms.  They are all the latest rage!

Gazebo on a lake/pond was on my route this morning.  I imagine the autumn leaf colors will be spectacular in a few more weeks.


And this gem!  An “I used to be cool” bumper sticker on a minivan.  Love it!

i used to be cool bumper sticker

If I EVER succumb to this family mover vehicle, I will need that bumper sticker!

Any stickers on your car?  What do they say?  I actually don’t have any, but some I see really make me giggle.

My First Vlog Post!

Yes, I know I have posted videos before, but this one is different, I promise.  I took this one purely for the blog, for you.  So without further ado…

In general, do you like vlog posts?

~ * ~ * ~* ~* ~* ~* ~

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Oh Hail No!

I had three events for work within a 24 hour period over the weekend.  I need a day off.

Other happenings from the last few days in photos…


Click espresso protein powder and banana smoothie.


Ran into a “neighbor” on my run.

LL pledge

Younger daughter leading the Little League pledge.


Cat, Cat, Kitten!  Similar to Duck, Duck, Goose…


Fast & furious, Florida-style rain.


And hail, too!  Noooo!

How was your weekend?

Sorry About Your Head

This morning after my third-times-a-charm-coffee-debacle, I tried to make the best of it and get on with my day.  Guess it really wasn’t meant to be.

My dryer has the loudest buzzer on it when the drying cycle is over as it goes into the anti-wrinkle cycle.  When it goes off, my girls and I cover our ears, wait it out and then sprint to the dryer to turn it off before the next buzzer sounds.  This morning my older daughter may have opened it a bit too far.  Because when I came in a bit later, I found this…

Jasper and Leo exploring a new-to-them space.  And Jasper, with all his usual attitude just dove in deeper when I tried to pull him out.  Thanks for making my morning even better cat!

And yes, that is a used dryer sheet on the floor.  It’s the latest rage in laundry room decor.  Feel free to pin it!

I stopped at Costco for one thing in particular.  Couldn’t find it but certainly didn’t waste a trip there.  They had my favorite workout tops in five new colors!  I had to have one of each.  Of course, they were the wrong size, so I then had to go back to exchange them before they ran out of a color.  That would be sad.  I need them all!

And fruit.  Apparently I also need lots of fruit.

So remember the wedge sandal that tried to kill me last week?

It has finally given all it can give.  The strap on the back of one heel broke.  Its days of being my favorite are over.  Of course, it decided to break as soon as I arrived at the office this morning.  So I got to limp along all day, trying not to have a repeat of lady-like, graceful moves.

But now I have a dilemma.  Do I buy another pair of the same sandal?  They are inexpensive.  Only $50 or so.  But the shoe didn’t really last very long.  I haven’t even had them a year!  I’ve had to glue both heels back in place more than once.  And the back straps have been nursed along for a while now.  I can’t decide.  Tell me what to do!

The next oops made me feel so bad!  Last night, I installed my bike rack on the back of my vehicle.  We have a few rides coming up soon.  The rack itself is black.  I’ve had it for a couple of years and always have an issue with people running into the rack while walking around my vehicle.


You would think that wouldn’t happen very often, until you take into consideration this tidbit.  In Oregon it is against the law to pump your own gas.  One of the many things I love about my new state, but can you see where this is going?  Time after time, gas attendants have bumped their heads on the bike rack.  I have even wrapped hot pink duct tape around the horizontal bars to make it more visible.  Today, it didn’t matter.  Poor guy slammed into it so hard, it shook my entire vehicle.  I apologized profusely, but he just laughed it off, playing the tough guy.  Sorry my Monday Oops rubbed off on you guy!

Are you a clothes hoarder when you find something you love?

Should I buy another pair of my current, favorite shoe knowing full well they will probably only last one season?

How do I make my bike rack more visible to spare injuring more innocent gas attendants?

Roooooooad Trip!

Goodness, it’s been awhile!  Sorry about that but life has just been so busy since we picked up my girls from MO.

I flew home the Thursday before last.  Barbarian had flown in two days prior to see his girls, load the trailer and get everything ready.  I arrived to find my girls having a pool party at my parents’ house.  Seventeen kids total splashing around!  Oh my.  But it was great to see them having fun with their friends one last time before the move.  I received some wonderful wet hugs from my girls and their cousin.  So awesome to hold them again!

We headed out at 4:30 AM that Saturday morning.  It started out a bit dramatic.  The cats were not happy to leave the sanctuary of their home.  This resulted in Barbarian and I getting deep scratches on our arms.  Yikes!  Had to make a quick stop to get antibiotic for our wounds.  It was almost 5:30 AM before we were actually on the road heading to Oregon. 

This is Barbarian acting camera shy.  Yeah right!  Notice the lovely cat scratch on his arm.  But enough about him.  Look at the beautiful scenery behind him!  Gorgeous!

The drive was pretty uneventful.  The girls loved all the new sights!  I think they both took hundreds of photos.  They also sang and danced in their seats!  I’m really glad they got to see a different part of the country.

The cats were pretty good.  They sat under a blanket between the girls the entire first day.  They didn’t want to eat, drink or anything else.  The second day one cat got spooked and started bouncing around the backseat, scratching the girls.  We had to quickly pull off the highway, catch him and put him in a kennel for the rest of the ride. 

We finally arrived here in Oregon around 8:00 PM Sunday evening.  We were all very tired but happy to be home.