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Graduation Brunch

I have two nieces graduating from the same high school today. Told you we like to cluster! Yesterday morning we got to celebrate with one of them at her breakfast graduation party. It was catering by a fantastic local brunch restaurant. And yes, I totally forgot to take a picture of the food. Just imagine trays of fluffy biscuits, gravy, bacon, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and fresh fruit. So yummy!

I did get some pictures of the decorations. No detail was left undone, from the front door…

To the back deck…

To the pool…

The beach balls say Class of 2014! It was cloudy and sprinkling the entire party, but we didn’t let that stop us from spending some time outside. Notice my nephew coming up the stairs out of the water fully clothed. He fell in and then wouldn’t stay out of it!  🙂

The graduate, Myo, and her baby cousin, Hooty.

Love her lace dress!

There was lots of baby passing.

My dad rocking his “I’ve got mad ninja skills!” shirt. He received many compliments on it yesterday. Tee-hee!

And there was cake! So much cake. Red velvet, strawberry, yellow and chocolate.

Sugar coma for Hoppy!

After the party, I brought home one niece with me and Sassy for awhile. Then on the way to take them to my brother’s house, we stopped to see the baby bison. My niece had never seen one before!

baby bison

We lucked out and were able to see them pretty close-up. We saw five babies yesterday. So cute!

After that was a massage for me before taking OMG Becky for a couple of more hours of driving practice.

I’m happy to report she is getting better.  😉

Such a fun start to our holiday weekend!

What are you doing this Memorial weekend?

Any family members graduating this month?


Graduation aka Make Me Cry

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me.  It was also a very exciting day for both of my girls.  Same day, same things, very different emotions.  You see, my girls “graduated” from 5th and 8th grades yesterday.  My oldest is officially a freshman in high school.  And my youngest, my baby, is a middle school student!  It wasn’t until recently that I realized those two important steps in their education would occur at the exact same time!  This is the first time in 10 years that I haven’t had a child in elementary school.  And I don’t think I’m done with that phase of my life.  So I’m having pretty strong urges to have another baby!  But that’s another post for another day.  Back to graduation!

Sassy’s school has grades kindergarten through 8th.  It’s a small school where all the kids know each other and interact with all the other grades.  They start each day together as a group singing.  This is one of the songs they have been working on this last trimester.

It was a great ceremony, full of personalized attention to each class.  Their graduating 8th graders were all featured in a slideshow with photos from birth til now.  Many tears were shed!  Seriously, they should have boxes of tissues set out at each row of chairs.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Then it was OMG Becky’s turn!  When I arrived at her school thirty minutes before the ceremony, this is what I found.  Holy cow!

This line was not moving.  I was afraid Sassy was going to get sunburnt so I made her wait in the shade.

OMG Becky had asked my the day before if she would be getting flowers at her graduation ceremony.  The girl loves them!  So of course, I had to bring her a bouquet.

Sassy had to smell them all for me to make sure they were worthy of the occasion.

They finally let us into the gym.  Shortly after that, the graduates started filing in from two different doors on opposite sides of the gym.

This is where I cried.  When I saw my daughter scanning the crowd for us, we locked eyes and she smiled.  My heart burst with pride and tears started flowing.

I had a great seat with a great view, but again, a crappy camera.

The ceremony was… boring.  I had expected to cry more, but I didn’t.  It was a very generic ceremony with nothing personal about it.  Three kids read their speeches, but the speeches were pretty much identical.  Three girls sang two, mellow songs.  The entire rest of the graduating students just sat and watched until they were called up to gather their certificates.  I guess I was expecting more of a production or something a little more heartfelt.

After the ceremony, we found OMG Becky and Sassy quickly ambushed her with a sisterly hug.  OMG Becky allowed it for once.  Graduation day miracle!  That or Sassy bribed her with the flower offering.

Then it was time for lunch!  OMG Becky got to pick and guess where she decided she wanted to go for her special day?!  My favorite restaurant for brunch!  She is so my daughter!

The girls had to review all the photos I had taken from the morning while we waited for our table.

Then the food arrived!

The girls split their usual Lemon Ricotta Stuffed French Toast with Raspberry Syrup.  Nirvana on a plate!  And I had my standard omelet with toasted walnuts, caramelized onions and fontina cheese.

Was a great day and I think I only cried a couple of times.  But it’s hard to be sad for very long when I’m with these two.

They tend to be a bit cheesy.  And they make my heart sing.

Rummage, Brunch & a Movie

Spring Break has begun!  Well for my girls anyway, not really for me.  Except for today.  I took the day off.  Yeah me!

We slept in a little and then Sassy and I went to a rummage sale.  It was packed!  Wall to wall tables full of stuff with very narrow paths.  Add in way too many people and I was ready to run screaming from there.  We made one quick sweep through and headed out.  No treasures for us today.

Then we headed back home to pick up OMG Becky and then off to brunch.  We decided to go to my favorite breakfast place.  They are only open mornings until 1:30 PM.  And there is usually a pretty long wait, but I was hoping since it was almost 11:00 AM on a weekday, we might get lucky in between the breakfast and lunch rush.  And we did!  We only had to wait about five minutes before being seated.  Score!

The restaurant was originally a house.  It is adorable, with blue, green, yellow and purple tones everywhere.

OMG Becky was checking to see if the flowers were real.  They were.

I always order the same thing when I go there because it is the best!  My main dish comes with a warm, berry muffin or toast.  I always get the muffin.  It is so moist that after cutting it open to spread the pat of butter, the muffin must be eaten with a fork or spoon.  And then came the main event!…

The Gorgonzola Omelet with my choice of hashbrowns, buttermilk pancakes, white cheddar polenta or tomatoes.  White cheddar polenta, please!  You can’t tell from this photo, but this omelet is huge!  I, at the most, only eat half of it.  They rest comes home with me for a second meal.  Yummy leftovers!

And now lets see what’s in that omelet!

Toasted walnuts, caramelized onions and fontina cheese!  Oh yes!

My girls decided to split on of the dishes this restaurant is known for.  The Lemon Ricotta Stuffed French Toast with Raspberry Syrup!

I had to try a bite.  It was amazing!  I can see why it’s so popular.  It was a lot of food, even with the girls splitting it.  They both came home with half of their halves.

This afternoon, OMG Becky and I finally did what we have been waiting weeks to do…  We went to see a little movie…


Have you heard of it?  It was as good as I had hoped it would be!  Yes, they left out many things from the book.  But the movie on its own made sense and all the important parts were covered.  I cannot wait to see the next movie from this book trilogy!  I am currently on book three.  I am reading it slowly because I don’t want them to end.

Did you see the movie today? 

Have you read the books?