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Breast Man & Skirt Chaser

I don’t even know what to make of my cat, Leo.  He has a fondness for bras.  I don’t know why.  Within hours of brining him home in November last year, we found him curled up in the cup of one of my bras.  (TMI?)

Then tonight, while I was sorting laundry, he found this bikini top of my daughter’s he wanted to “try on.”

Oh my goodness.  I wonder if he is also a sock hoarder?…

After work, I hit up Costco and found this!

Adidas Running Skirt!  I’m hoping I like this one better than my other skirt.  Hard to tell, but this one is a gray/slate color with raspberry attached shorts and trim.  So cute!  And only $19!  They also had it in black, but I was good and only got one.

Though if I fall in love with it on my run tomorrow, I will have to go back for the black one.  😉

Do you have a pet that collects things?