Snail Racing

I’ve joked for years that snails could pace me. Ha!

It’s been awhile since I ran a race. And it appears I only have a few months left to run my annual race. The annual thing was never intentional, but it sure seems that way! Maybe I’ll find one to run for my birthday in October…

A bit about my results. For my first 5K, my only goal was to finish and to finish in under 45 minutes. Sounded easy enough until I realized I had only trained early mornings on flat streets. A week before the race, I finally looked at the course map and had a heart attack. It was partial trails, part gravel, streets and hills from, well Southern Oregon. Go figure. Oh, and it was a multi-sport race. My 5K leg was the final leg and in the middle of the afternoon. A good 20-30 degrees warmer than I was used to. It sucked, but I didn’t die and I completed both of my goals! Big win.

Each race since then, my only goal has been to beat my time in the previous race.

Over the past couple of years, I have fallen in love with trail running. I’m really not sure if my next race will be road or trails. I honestly haven’t ran on a road in over a year. It’s actually pretty proud of that fact!

Race Results


02/09/13 = 0:33:18 – (Local race so I’m not comfortable sharing it’s name.)

04/14/12 = 0:35:36 – Pear Blossom Run. Medford, OR

09/24/11 = 0:44:11 – Siskiyou Challenge. Ashland, OR

Upcoming Races


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