Snail Racing

I’ve joked for years that snails could pace me. Ha!

A bit about my results. For my first 5K, my only goal was to finish and to finish in under 45 minutes. Sounded easy enough until I realized I had only trained early mornings on flat streets. A week before the race, I finally looked at the course map and had a heart attack. It was partial trails, part gravel, streets and hills from, well Southern Oregon. Go figure. Oh, and it was a multi-sport race. My 5K leg was the final leg and in the middle of the afternoon. A good 20-30 degrees warmer than I was used to. It sucked, but I didn’t die and I completed both of my goals! Big win.

Each race since then, my only goal has been to beat my time in the previous race.

I fell in love with train running shortly before moving back to the Midwest. Now all of my runs are trail runs with the occasional treadmill run thrown in as a last resort when needed.

Sadly, I have been plagued with foot injury after foot injury since the Spring of 2013. Here’s to hoping 2017 is the year to stay healthy!

Race Results


0:33:18 @ Sweetheart Shuffle (02/09/13)

0:35:36 – Pear Blossom Run. Medford, OR (04/14/12)

0:44:11 – Siskiyou Challenge. Ashland, OR (09/24/11)

Upcoming Races

05/27/17 = 5K

06/10/17 = 5K

07/01/17 = 5K

09/02/17 = 10K

09/17/17 = Half Marathon

09/23/17 = 4 Mile


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