Circus Pets

Cast of Cat Characters

I always thought two was my cat limit.  Sort of my self-imposed rule.  One pet per child sounded like a good idea.  And then the third happened.  That is it!  No more.  It already feels like a cat infestation at times.

Moving on. Let me introduce you to The Cats.  (Good luck taking one photo that includes all three cats in focus.  I’m thinking 2 out of 3 is pretty darn good!)

Okie belongs to my youngest daughter, Sassy.  She really wanted a kitten for several months leading up to Christmas 2007.  That Thanksgiving I was visiting a friend’s cattle ranch in Oklahoma.  They had many wild farm cats running around.  They offered me my pick of kittens, if I could catch one.  Okie caught my eye due to his coloring.  It took several of us to corner him in a shed and finally capture him.  Poor little baby was so terrified!  He had never been touched by a human before.  I had to buy a kennel for the long ride home.  He was quiet the entire time.  I was getting a little nervous about having a wild cat in my house.  But he came out of the carrier a totally different cat!  So calm, so loving.  I think he knew he was finally home.  We named him Okie after his home state.  And for some reason over the years, his name has expanded to Okie Dokey Artichokey Fred Rake.  I really don’t know why or how to explain that one.

Jasper belongs to my oldest daughter, OMG Becky.  We got him in the spring of 2009 after my 14-year-old cat died.  We adopted him from a local animal shelter.  The Twilight series was very popular at the time & OMG Becky wanted to name her kitten after one of the characters.  New kitty would run around at top speed with crazy eyes.  The name Jasper was a perfect fit.  He still has a lot of attitude and thinks he’s the king of this castle.

And finally, Leo.  He is my kitten.  We got him in November 2011.  He’s another shelter baby.  We picked him up on my mom’s birthday and she’s always wanted a grandchild named after her.  So… we changed up a letter in her name to come up with the name Leo!  Mom was not amused.  How can she not see what an honor it is that has been bestowed upon her?!  When he was a few months old, we discovered his is part Black Smoke Maine Coon.  He “talks” non-stop and we have taught him to play fetch.  He’s like a dog and cat all in one!  He’s also really hard to photograph.  Sorry in advance for future pics of him!

The Dog

The dog because there will only be one. It took many years, but my girls finally wore me down the summer of 2013. After several visits to our local no-kill animal shelter, we fell in love with this 10-month old boxer puppy.

Stella the Boxer

We named her Stella and she keeps us busy with walks, playing fetch or tug of war, and exploring trails. She has been the best decision!


6 thoughts on “Circus Pets

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  2. erineatrunwrite

    Oh I love these little guys! I never had any pets (except fish) growing up and I just rescued my first cat about four years ago from a shelter. I didn’t know what I was missing! Your three cats look gorgeous.

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Cats are the best! And yay for you adopting a shelter animal!
      It’s like a chaotic cat circus around here most of the time. So entertaining!

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