My Family

I’m sure you are all pretty familiar with my girls by now, but they are just a small part of my big family. I thought it might be fun to lay out my family for you to see. Plus, it might make it easier on me to keep track of the aliases I use for them here on my blog. What? You are surprised my daughters aren’t really named OMG Becky and Sassy? ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

And another little tidbit about my family. ย I was “adopted” in my mid-twenties by a wonderful family. ย This family is the only family my girls have ever known. ย They are amazing and we are beyond grateful to have them in our lives.


We really need a new picture of the grandkids. ย This one was taken in the spring of 2010.

Here’s a line up of these characters. ย Keep in mind, I haven’t “named” everyone yet, but will update this page as I do.

  • Mom – Mom
  • Dad – Dad
  • Brother 1 (his kids are wearing blue)
  • His wife –
  • niece –
  • niece – Myo
  • nephew – Fin
  • niece – Telly
  • nephew – Guy
  • Brother 2 (yellow)
  • his wife –
  • niece –
  • nephew –
  • Me! (purple) – Shay
  • oldest daughter – OMG Becky
  • youngest daughter – Sassy
  • Brother 3 (gray)
  • his wife –
  • niece –
  • niece –
  • nephew –
  • Brother 4 (pink)
  • his wife –
  • nephew (not pictured) – Kicks
  • niece – Hoppy
  • niece – Hooty

UPDATE: We had a new picture of the grandkids taken in November 2013. (Minus one niece. She had a black eye and nose from a cheerleading accident. She didn’t believe us when we said the photographer could fix it with Photoshop.)




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