About Me


I’m a vegetarian girl born and raised in the Midwest, transplanted to the Pacific Northwest in 2010.  I really miss my hometown besties.  I have been friends with these two since 4th grade!

I have two amazing daughters and one too many cats.

This photo really sums them up.  My youngest daughter is the adrenaline junkie, always on the move.  My oldest daughter always tries to help others make the best decision after weighing all the options.

I’m in the safety advocacy profession and proudly call myself a Safety Geek.  I’m a horrible cook, so you won’t find too many recipe posts here.  I do enjoy baking, but try not to do it too often because I end up eating too much of it.   I love costumes and any excuse to wear one!  This may be a problem…

princess leia costume

I LOVE my new town here and everything it has to offer.  We are surrounded by beautiful mountains and great weather offering us never-ending opportunities to play outside.  I am fostering a new-found joy of running, biking and hiking.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy your time here.

Update:  As of September 2012, I am back in the Midwest!  Sooner or later, I will get around to updating this About Me page.  But let’s face it, it will be later. 

13 thoughts on “About Me

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  5. Maria Zimmerman

    Hey I just bookmarked your blog. I am a vegetarian from the midwest (missouri but I live in san diego now), and a runner to boot. Looking forward to seeing what the running community has out there should i decide to move back😀

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  7. Becky @ RunFunDone

    Hey! I’m a midwesterner now in the PNW! (I’m still here in WA though, not back in the midwest like you). I hope things are going well wherever you are living now! I miss MN a lot sometimes!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Nice to meet you, Becky! I miss the PNW! So beautiful out there. I’m trying not to melt in this humidity right now. So didn’t miss this!

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