Sick of the Holidays

Did you hear it? The radio silence here? More on that in a minute. Let’s start with the fun stuff!

How was your Christmas holiday?  We had our traditional Christmas Eve with my parents. There was the usual annual picture of all the grandkids in attendance.


(And something else fun that happened a few days later?… My oldest niece [pink heart] got engaged! Her boyfriend of nine years [red heart] proposed this week.)

Christmas tree, Christmas gifts

Christmas morning I realized I had completely forgotten to get my girls Christmas pajamas to wear Christmas Eve night for festive pictures on Christmas morning. Darn it. I blame my flu-brain. Yep, you read that correctly. Five days before Christmas, OMG Becky and I came down with the flu.


Oh man, it was horrible. It started with a cough that Tuesday afternoon and then we both woke up miserable Wednesday morning. It was a knock-you-down, no energy, chills, aches, and fever flu that had us flat on our backs. (I was also sick last Christmas.) Five more members of family had it that week!

Friday we woke feeling the tiniest bit better. Neither of us had a fever since the afternoon before. We were ready to get out of the house! It was Becky’s actual birthday and we had taken the day off work to celebrate before we ended up sick. (Sassy was already out of school.) We had made lunch reservations a couple of weeks ago and Becky didn’t want to postpone so out we went.

First stop was a crystal store. OMG Becky has been reading all about them lately and wanted to get a few new ones for her collection.

Next was lunch at Cooper’s Hawk!

Copper's Hawk

It was delicious, but we were still so worn out from the flu, we had zero appetite. Most of this food was boxed up and taken home with us.

After lunch, OMG Becky had one more stop in mind… the Kendra Scott store. So many pretty things!

kendra scott

Becky had her eye on a particular necklace. Luckily for her, I hadn’t finished her Christmas shopping yet due to being sick so I bought it for her. Win, win!

Our day that had been a fun time ended up not so fun. After I dropped the girls off, I loaded up my car to make a trip to the recycling center. On the way there, an oncoming driver failed to yield on a left turn, turned in front of me, and we collided.

wrecked car

Both cars had to be towed. Because it was late Friday afternoon before the holiday, nothing on the insurance claim was even started until Tuesday this week. I was finally able to get a rental car Thursday. OMG Becky had a blast being my driver up until then.  😉  What’s crazy is Becky was involved in a wreck with the exact same circumstances one year ago this week.

I would like to state for the record and just put it out there in the universe that I need me being sick and a family member being in a car wreck to not become a Christmas tradition. Two years in a row of that crap is more than enough. I want my holly, jolly Christmas season back, please and thank you.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

What’s your favorite Christmas gift you received this year?


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