Christmas Party. Yes, Already!

How was your weekend?

Ours was good. OMG Becky and I attended our first Christmas party of the season. It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of year! This was a work party. (We work for the same company.) It must have been a good idea to have it this early, because we had the largest number of attendees ever by far.

video game

It was a good night of fun, games, food, and drink!

In other news, as you may be able to see in that peak of Becky’s hair, she now has platinum blonde hair. She chopped her hair off a couple of months ago and was ready for another change, I guess. She’s gets a lot of compliments on it! Her style has always pulled inspiration from decades past. Now she looks like someone straight out of the 1950s!

Speaking of the holidays… Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I bought my first gift about a month ago. Found something I knew OMG Becky would need and love. I didn’t want them to sell out so I bought it on the spot. Since then I have picked up a couple of other items for various family members. This has to be the earliest I have ever started my Christmas shopping. I am usually totally fine with waiting until Black Friday to knock it all out on one day. Β πŸ™‚

What I really need is a gift for my mom. Her birthday was today! HaPpY BiRtHdAy!Β Her family birthday dinner isn’t until this weekend so I have a few more days to track down the perfect gift. I have one gift idea, but can’t share it here in case she reads this!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Goodness it came fast this year! We are currently planning our menu. Did I tell you OMG Becky has gone vegetarian? She tried vegan for several weeks, but now is vegetarian. Given this and the fact that I have vegetarian for years, I always try to take something I know I (and now her) really want and can eat. I know for sure I’m taking Sweet Potato Souffle. It’s my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish! Then I’ll get her decide on another dish. (Sassy is going to their dad’s for the holiday. Sad face.)

Have you attended a holiday party this early?

Have you started your Christmas/holiday shopping yet?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Party. Yes, Already!

  1. SuzLyfe

    Happy birthday to your mom! OMG a Christmas party???? Geez. I’m not even ready for wreaths and all of that, much less an actual party. I don’t do decorations until after Thanksgiving. Period, lol


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