Healing Woods

How was your weekend? Ours was FAN.TAS.TIC! I was sick for the last two weeks and then I started feeling a bit better Friday afternoon. Finally! Saturday I woke up feeling like my old self. I was ready to get out of the house. I needed to be outside and in the woods! OMG Becky was more than happyย to join me and Stella’s always ready to go.

hike, woods, trail

We went to one of my favorite trails. It’s a short one but has lots of ups and downs and rocks and tree roots to navigate. We were here just a couple of weeks ago and it is so much more green now with pops of color fromย blooming wildflowers. So pretty!

The pond was full of lounging frogs.

frog, pond

They usually jump as soon as they hear us getting anywhere near the pond. Plop, plop. For whatever reason yesterday, they let us get really close. IMG_4356IMG_4357How cute is that guy?! He was huge. Like the size of an 6-week old kitten! He’s for sure the largest frog I have ever seen in the wild.

Totally random, but on the other side of the lake we ran into a group of Spyder riders.


This lake is always a popular place for motorcycle rides, but this was the first time we had seen a group of Spyders there or anywhere actually.

Saturday night I went to dinner with my mom. We tried a new-to-me Italian restaurant. My dish was just okay. My mom loved hers and has had it a few times. OMG Becky has been there before and didn’t like it the first time she went, but loved whatever she ordered the second visit. Not sure if I will give it another try.

Our Sunday was a busy one! I made it to church, brunch, recycling center, grocery store and then finally home to get started on laundry. After I got that going, OMG Becky and I did a little fun shopping! We bought her some new trail running shoes and workout shirts. We also picked up a few items for her grad party. It’s going to be here before we know it! ย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

After getting all of our chores done and picking up Sassy from their dad’s, Becky and I hit the trails for a run next to the lake. (Sassy didn’t join us because she was worn out from camping at another lake since Friday.)

trail, woods

OMG Becky’s a bit faster than me. Can you see her? She’s that tiny pink dot way, way down the trail. Brat. Poor Stella didn’t know what to think. She’s usually a great running partner, but she kept turning to look at me. She really isย a mama’s girl. Becky was not happy with her. Ha!

I should mention, just before I took that picture, Becky was startled when a deer ran across the trail right in front of her. And it was close, maybe just 8-10 yards away. Stella was going nuts wanting to chase it. Not sure what she thinks she would do if she actually caught it!

Then we came across something on the trail that took us a minute to figure out what the heck it was…

turkey vulture

A turkey vulture! Yikes! It took off in flight once we got a bit closer. I tried to get a picture of that, but running and picture-taking just don’t mix sometimes.

Being outside this weekend really healed my soul. I was in desperate need to be in the woods after being stuck inside so much lately. It truly is my happy place! I now feel recharged and ready to tackle a busy week at work.

What do you do to recharge your mind, body, or soul?

What’s the oddest animal you have seen on a hike/run/walk?


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