Music Moves Me

Time for another edition of Music Moves Me! Yippee! Before we get started… What do you use to find out more info about a new song? I use the Shazam app because I like that it keeps a list of songs I have tagged until I delete them. My girls tend to just ask Siri who is singing the song.

Now let’s get to the music!

Have you heard Elle King yet? She is awesome! (Did you know she is Rob Schneider’s daughter?) When I was on a roadtrip for work a couple of weeks ago, I was stuck in the car close to six hours in a 24 hour period. Elle’s song American Sweetheart was all over Siriusย radio.

Not complaining that it has been stuck in my head since then!

Another great song about women I currently love? Woman by Awolnation.

I kind of want to be in that video!

Loving Pitbull’s Messin’ Around ft Enrique Iglesias. It may be my song of the summer! Or at least the song of my spring.

Now I’m ready for the video to come out!

I have a fantastic job that allows me to listen to pretty much any music I want at a pretty high volume even though we have patients around. We find it motivates them, creating a fun atmosphere in the clinic. Anyway, I usually listen to a local independent radio station because it doesn’t playย commercials, doesn’t repeat songs multiple times a day, plays a lot of alternative (my favorite!), and it plays and supports local music. Kiss This by The Struts is played on it daily and I have to crank it up!

Seriously, how could you possibly listen to that on any level other than ridiculously loud?!

Have you seen this video for I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner?

I really liked the song but after seeing this video, I am in love with it!

My current favorite cool down song after a workout? Antidote by Travis Scott (explicit lyrics).


I have to thank Sassy for sharing that one with me!

An oldie that is a new favorite. Can I Kick It? by A Tribe Called Quest.

And who doesn’t dig a look back at those awesome 90’s fashion?

Do you remember early 90’s fashion? What was your favorite trend? I remember hair. Hair so big it won’t fit in a school picture big.

What song is currently ruling your playlist?



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