Almost Famous

It seems like just last month I was posting about OMG Becky being a senior this year and taking her senior pictures. How are we now just one month away from her graduation?! It’s been such a busy year for her. We had a few college visits in the fall.

college visit, university, campus

college visit, university, campus

She fell in love with the second school! She’s had a major picked out since last year. She applied, was accepted, and we started the housing process. Then a couple of months ago, she decided to change her major. With her new major, elementary education, she can attend a local community college for free (program through our school district) before transferring to the university as a junior. She will actually be a dual-student with benefits at both schools. I’m so happy she has decided to stay home a bit longer!

OMG Becky also got a new car. Very exciting for her! It wasn’t something that was planned, but after her car was totaled, it was a necessity. She was able to get exactly the car she wanted. Lucky girl! I also feel better knowing once she transfers to the school farther away, she will have a newer, more reliable car. This one should last her at least another 10 years.

We have been busy planning her grad party. She decided on a garden tea party theme. We have spent many hours driving around the lake system next to us checking out all of the shelters and what each has to offer. So many things to consider! Playground, bathroom facilities, lake view, flat area, baseball field, sand volleyball courts, basketball court, horseshoes, parking? What are our priorities?!

lake shelter, parkWe finally decided on one and reserved it as soon as reservations opened for the season in January. We were able to get our number one choice on the date we wanted! Now to decide how to decorate it and what to serve. Ugh, more decisions.

She is also having a phenomenal year in her writing. She has always been a great writer and this year is really shining. Last month we found out she was a finalist in a district-wide poetry contest. We weren’t really sure what that meant, other than we were invited to a reception where she would read her poem along with the other finals. Once there, we realized there were three finalists from each grade level 6-12. They would read their poem when they were announced where they placed starting with the 6th grade. It was a long wait, but finally it was time for the senior poems. Third place was announced, they say the school, then the teacher, and finally the name of the student. We tried not to show our enthusiasm as another school’s name was read. Next came second place. They said OMG Becky’s school, then her teacher… we were all holding our breath… then they said her classmate’s name! Trying not to smile at that point was so hard! Finally OMB Becky was announced as the seniors first place winner and invited to read her poem and receive her award.

So dang awesome! That was really the icing on the cake for her. We also found out last month she will have two of her pieces, a poem and a short story, published in a literary magazine this month. She is officially a published author! What?! I could not be more proud. And I cannot wait to get my hands on a 1000 copies of that magazine! Or at least 500.  =)

Teachers have been telling her for years she should consider writing as a profession. She is really looking forward to getting her teaching degree and having summers off to really devote time to writing while having a steady income. I think it’s the best of both worlds for her!

Next up is prom! Her dress is so gorgeous. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Did you have a grad party? Mine was a small party at home with just family. All I really remember is the cake. It was really good!

What was the best part of your senior year in high school?


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