Music Moves Me

I cannot believe it’s been over a year since I’ve done a Music Moves Me post. Yes, I can. I took a new position at work in November 2014. It keeps me very busy and 2015 was essentially a blur. Good thing I love what I do!

I am loving anything by the X Ambassadors right now! This song has been a favorite for a while now. I love all the remixes of it, but this video is everything!

So inspiring!

X Ambassadors remix with another favorite of mine, Jay-Z?! So much awesome.

Another group with several songs on repeat for me is twenty one pilots.

Older song by Citizen Cope I can’t get enough of.

Loving the return of Missy Elliott!

Had to put several of her older songs on my playlist, too!

The Strumbellas are a new-to-me group. I really like the message of this song.

And I don’t want a never-ending life
I just want to be alive while I’m here

And the new Flo Rida. Catchy song, but not a big fan of the video.

What song are you playing on repeat currently?

Speaking of music, are you planning to watch the Grease: Live tomorrow night? We probably will. I know my girls are looking forward to it.



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