What Day Is It?

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you honestly have absolutely no idea what day it is several times a day for multiple days? I just had one of those weeks. I think it is due to my being sick the week of Christmas, OMG Becky being in a wreck the following week,Β andΒ both girls being out of school for a couple of weeks. Then last week, my first full week back since before the holidays, was an extremely busy work week for me. I don’t know which way is up over here!

OMG Becky is having the roughest time. I can’t go into details yet other than to say the car she worked so hard for, saving all her money to pay cash for all by herself is totaled.

volkswagen new beetle

Dealing with insurances companies is always fun.

While we wait for them to get things sorted out, we have been looking at new cars for her. We are leaning towards something newer since it will be the car that needs to last her at least through seven years of college starting this fall. OMG Becky would like a four-door hatchback this time around.Β Having a separate area for Stella the Boxer is always a good idea and a hatchback fits that need perfectly!

Are you still feeling the effects of the holidays, too?


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