Gearing Up For Christmas

How was your weekend? Ours was fantastic! It helped that the weather was in the fifties each day.


Friday night both of my girls were at sleepovers, so I took the chance to get a bit more Christmas shopping in. I am almost done with it! As someone who waited until Christmas Eve morning to shop last year, this is a big deal! Now to tackle some wrapping…

Saturday morning, OMG Becky and I wanted to try a yoga class at our new gym. (It’s actually the gym we belonged to a couple of years ago. Then we joined Planet Fitness, but are back at this one because we missed group fitness classes.) We didn’t make it to class, but spent some time on the treadmills since we were already there.


After picking up Sassy, her and I journeyed to a tennis shop her coach recommended. We were in the market to get her a new racket. When Sassy started tennis lessons over the summer, it was the first time she had shown any interest in the sport. I purchased her an inexpensive racket at Target just to see how the whole thing would turn out. Well, after sticking with lessons all summer, making the school team, and continuing with private lessons off-season, her tennis love is still strong. So Santa thought it was time for a better racket! With the help of the tennis pro narrowing down the choices for her, Sassy picked out her favorite racket (blue & silver) and strings (blue). She can’t wait for the racket to be strung so we can pick it up!

Saturday evening we spent at Christmas in the Park.

Christmas in the Park

“Christmas In The Park is a holiday feast serving up the sights of the season with more than 300,000 glistening lights and 175 colorfully animated holiday scenes.”

We go every year, though this is probably the earliest in the season we have been. It was a last-minute decision to go and we got there just a few minutes before they opened the gates. It’s always fun to see what the new displays are. This year it was Santa in a hammock between palm trees with flamingos standing around. So pretty and different!

Sunday morning included church and a trip to the recycling center to drop off a car load of recyclables. Ugh. That is what happens if we don’t make it to the recycling center every weekend. We didn’t go last weekend because it was raining nonstop.Β I don’t even know if the center is open during weather like that. Either way, we didn’t go and had double our usual load to deal with.

Then it was time for a little fun on the tennis court.Β Sassy continues to get better and better! I, on the other hand, am improving at a very SLOW rate. And trust me, Sassy takes great pleasure in beating me.

tennis court

OMG Becky walked Stella around while we played, stopping occasionally to take a picture or two. The tennis balls flying by drive Stella nuts. She wants them all! It’s best to keep her away from the court. Β =)

Saturday we received our first Christmas card. I figured it was time to start thinking about what I wanted to do for ours. As we were driving to see Christmas in the Park on Saturday, we drove past the Magic Tree.

Magic Tree

12,500 lights

Christmas card photo location idea solved! This tree is beautiful! We went there Sunday just before dusk to take our photos. I can’t wait to see how the cards turn out!

Have you ordered or sent your Christmas cards yet?

How far along are you on your Christmas shopping?


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