World Series Parade

Did I mention the Kansas City Royals won the World Series last Sunday? Just checking.  😉

My family and I made our way downtown to enjoy the parade on Tuesday. We got there early. Way early. Like 7:30 AM early. And we were rewarded with a front row spot to view the parade!

world series parade, family

It was a long morning of waiting for the parade to start (4.5 hours, plus another 40 minutes for it to reach us!), but everyone was in great spirits.

royals blue fountain, cousins

This city bleeds blue!

And then the waiting paid off and the parade started!world series parade

Yes, you are seeing that correctly. There are people up in all of the trees!

Royal Thunder Drumline. They are awesome!

world series parade

Our mascot, Slugger!

world series parade, Slugger

world series parade

George Brett #5 from the 1985 World Series team (the last time that we won it!).

world series parade, George Brett

The Budweiser Clydesdale horses were beautiful, but scary. They were a bit freaked out and their handlers stopped them right before they got to us. They were shushing the crowd, trying to get the horses under control. Realizing that we were literally trapped on all sides, we could do nothing but watch. Thankfully, after a few minutes, the horses were able to calm down and move along.

world series parade, horses

And then the players started going by.

Lorenzo Cain, his smile never stops!

kansas city royals, world series parade, lorenzo cain kansas city royals, world series parade, jarrod dyson

Christian Colon. He hit the Game 5, 12th inning game-winning (and series!) RBI!
kansas city royals, world series parade, christian colon

The man who always swings at the first pitch to get our team riled up, Alcides Escobar!

kansas city royals, world series parade, alcides escobar kansas city royals, world series parade, yordano ventura kansas city royals, world series parade, johnny cueto kansas city royals, world series parade, ben zobrist

Mooooooooooooose (Mike Moustakas)! Did I ever tell you the first time I went to a game he played in? I thought the crowd was booing him. Nope. Just mooooooooooooooosing him!

kansas city royals, world series parade, mike moustakas

Eric Hosmer, he ran home to tie the final game of the series. kansas city royals, world series parade, eric hosmer kansas city royals, world series parade, edinson volquez

And my favorite, also the MVP, Salvador Perez!

kansas city royals, world series parade, salvador perez

And the Commissioner’s Trophy with Ned Yost, Manager.

commissioner's trophy, ned yost

Such a good parade!

We then tried to make our way toward’s the rally stage at Union Station (where OMG Becky had her senior pictures taken!). It was INSANE! Wall to wall people not moving. We were all just body to body in a sea of people.

world series parade crowd

Photo credit: Instagram

It took us a good 40 minutes to get out of that crowd and be able to head back to our cars. Another hour of waiting in traffic before we could actually get on a street that had moving traffic and we were headed home.

The entire day was just fantastic. Like I said, everyone was in a great mood all day long. That crowd you see above? 800,000 people. 800,000! Our city has never seen anything like that for any event ever! There were cars parked everywhere, on the highways, along the interstates. Just nuts. But, and I think this is totally worth mentioning. In this entire all day event, there were only 3 arrests. And Sunday night when we won the series? No rioting, no burning cars, no craziness. Just several days of people united and celebrating our Boys in Blue. It was so awesome to be a part of that history. I couldn’t be more proud of this city!

Crowd of 800,000. Fun or claustrophobic?

What was the last parade you went to?


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