Take October

Have you heard? The Kansas City Royals won the World Series! And here in KC, we could not be more proud of our Boys in Blue!

The past few weeks have been consumed with watching the games. I was lucky enough have a friend take me (as an early birthday gift!) to attend my first ever post season game on October 8th. It was the ALDS Game 1 against the Houston Astros.

The K, Royals game, plane formation, fly by

We were still outside when the planes did their fly by. The lines were crazy long! Everyone had to be wand scanned and then all bags searched. Even if you didn’t have a bag, you were stuck in the same line waiting behind for those who did. We then hurried to our seats and got there just in time for the first pitch.

The K, Kansas City Royals, baseball game, MLB

Highlights of the night included Kendrys Morales (DH) hitting two home runs! TWO!

The K, Kansas City Royals, baseball game, MLB, fireworks

And fireworks! We love the fireworks that come after a Royals home run! (Speaking of fireworks! The entire city and all the suburbs have been experiencing fireworks after each win. Crazy town!)

And there were the not so great parts. Like rain. The rain started, play continued, we got soaked, (My rally towel saved my phone!), the rain slowed, we thought we were in the clear, then it started raining much harder, and we all took cover.

The K, Kansas City Royals, baseball game, MLB, rain delay

After a rain delay of one hour, we were back at. Unfortunately, we went on to lose the game, but that’s okay, it all worked out in the end.  😉

We spent the next few weeks watching all of the games like vultures. We had a watch party at my parents’ house for every night game. We would make all sorts of appetizers and desserts to share. So.much.cream.cheese. My pants are beyond happy the games are over!

Not to mention my tired brain cells. DId you know our Royals love extra innings? So many late nights! But as Royals fans know, you never give up. Stop watching before the last inning is over and you will most likely miss something spectacular. Coffee shops were sure enjoying it. I’ve never seen them so busy!

And then they did it, they won the World Series! I remember them winning the I-70 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals in 1985. It’s been a long wait since then. Last year we came so close. Losing it in Game 7 left a bit of a mark. But boy did we come back swinging this season!

Later this weekend I’ll share a post about the World Series parade we attended on Tuesday. Spoiler alert. IT WAS AWESOME!

I’ll leave you with this video of two of my favorite Royals players (I have many favorites!) on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday.

salvy hos

Did you watch the World Series?


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