Gift Basket Idea

My niece on the left is getting married next weekend! She’s the first of my nieces and nephews to do so.

Last weekend was her bridal shower.

bridal shower

My girls and I decided to throw a little love in our gift. Have you ever tried Aveda Comforting Tea? Aveda salons always offer you a cup when you go in for a service. It’s the absolute best tea! It can be served hot or cold and never needs a sweetener added. I found this recipe for it online and decided it would be the base for a gift. We were able to find three of the four ingredients in the health market of my local grocery store. For the last ingredient, we had to go to an actual health food grocery store.

aveda tea

I first bought an awesome glass bottle that I thought would be nice for her to use for cold water in the refrigerate after the loose leaf tea was gone. Then I decided I should do a little research about the best way to store tea. I was wrong. Clear glass not a good choice. Glad I looked! We then headed to World Market to browse their large tea/kitchen section. We bought a tea tin similar to this these.

tea tin


We also picked up the cutest tea infuser while we were there!

It’s a house! Get it? Because they are moving into their own house together!

Next up were the mugs. I really wanted to do mugs with their initials, but after shopping a few stores, I just couldn’t find what I wanted. I finally found a set of “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” mugs like these! (FYI – the mugs got a huge laugh at the shower!)

tea tin, tea basket, gift basket

The final item we needed was a basket. Homegoods to the rescue! That store has everything I need. I picked out this cute basket because it has a handle on each end and a chalkboard on the front. We wrote my niece’s new last name on the front, wrapped it all up, and we were good to go.

gift basket

OMG Becky wrote the tea instructions on a decorative notecard we tucked inside the basket. We renamed the tea Happy Marriage Tea for a bit of whimsy.

What is your favorite tea flavor?

Hot tea or cold tea? Depends on the temperature outside for me.


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