End of Summer Outings

Summer! How dare you leave me? Have I told you summer is my absolute FAVORITE season? It is. I could live somewhere that is hot and sunny all the time. I should look into that…

School here started in the middle of August for my girls. Ridiculous. It seems like they start earlier every year. I honestly wish they would just switch to a year-round school schedule. Makes so much more sense!

Mandatory first day of school pics!

Sassy is a freshman in high school this year. High.School. My baby is in HIGH SCHOOL. This may have been hard for me.

first day of school, high school freshman

OMG Becky is a high school senior. Her last mandatory year of school. When did this happen?!

first day of school, high school senior

Can you tell it was a rough morning for me?

So let’s talk about something more fun. Like roller coasters! Man, I love a good roller coaster.


We recently enjoyed a day of perfect weather at the amusement park. Lines were short, temps were warm, breeze was slight, and the sun was shining. Good fun!

We also had a weekend trip to Omaha.

Omaha, Henry Doorly Zoo

We hadn’t been to Omaha in a few years. It was fun exploring the downtown Old Market area and the Henry Doorly Zoo. We did the whole pet a stingray exhibit. Sassy even fed one. Though she wasn’t too excited about holding a dead fish inbetween her fingers. I don’t blame her. That’s just gross!

Have your kids started school yet?

Do kids attend year-round in your district?

Roller coaster or water slide? Roller coaster!


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