We Are the Champions!

Yesterday was a fun day for us!

It didn’t start off on the best foot. I had to take OMG Becky to work because her car was in the shop very early. (Did I tell you she had bought her first car? She did and she loves it! So proud of her hard work!)  After dropping her off, I had a an hour to stop for coffee before heading to the part of my morning I was actually looking forward to.

massage, massage room, spa

A massage! Oh so heavenly! I have discovered since I was in the wreck a few years ago, a massage every month really keeps my back and neck pain at bay most of the time. And it’s awesome for my legs and hips when I’m really hitting the trails. I don’t look at it as a luxury, though it is fantastic. For me it’s more about preventative maintenance. Now if I could just get my insurance to pay for it!

After that I worked a couple of hours for my parents, then Sassy called and was ready to come home. She had spent the night with family at the lake.

lake house, lake

Such a gorgeous day! Spring is here, I can feel it.

After picking up OMG Becky and taking her to get her car, (No big repair, thankfully, just a vacuum hose that needed to be replaced!) we had a road trip to get on. We were headed to the middle of the state for her high school boys basketball championship game!

university, basketball court

I think most of our city was there! We played a city from the other side of the state, but the game was right in the middle of the two. I kind of felt bad for the other team and the lack of their fan support. Our fans made up 4/5 of the arena crowd. Yes, I counted! More like a visual guesstimation by colors worn and sections filled, but I’m sure my guess is pretty accurate.

fans, basketball arena

And my goodness, our fans were loud! We sat next to the student section. It was across from the parent section. These two sections chanted and cheered back and forth the entire game. So much energy!


Sassy and her friend were on the other side of the student section. She had come down with her friend’s family earlier in the day. They got there early enough to have lunch downtown and drive around the university campus awhile.

The game was an exciting one! We put the first points on the board and the other team, try as they might, just couldn’t ever catch us.

state champions, basketball, boys high school

State Champions! It has a nice ring to it!

What was the best part of your weekend?


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