Music Moves Me

This is my favorite kind of post! New music I am loving! And I have so much to share with you.

(Did I tell you I got a promotion? More on that later. The important part for this post is my new position allows me to listen to music of my choice for most of the day. Yeah! Oh control of music, how I have missed you.)

And now let’s get this music party started!

It makes sense to start at home.  😉  Kansas City by The New Basement Tapes. I love everything about this song.

Weekend by Priory. Oh my goodness! This video reminds me of my Friday nights in fifth and sixth grade spent with my friends at the skating rink. The hair, the sateen jacket!

It also reminded me of how I can’t roller skate.

Left Hand Free by Alt-J. I am loving Alt-J more with every song!

And now I want to go tubing. I have never been!

Centuries by Fall Out Boy. I think I could make an entire running playlist from songs by them!

Bear Hands by Agora. The video is different, but the song is a great one! Another one that’s fun to run to.

Rollercoaster by Bleachers. Silly song, silly video, but I still like it.

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.

An older song by The Lumineers – Slow it Down, that I just recently discovered. Man, I love that group as you may have noticed. They’ve made my Music Moves Me posts before.

Another one of theirs that I have just recently found. Classy Girls.

Budapest by George Ezra. I seriously thought this guy was middle aged judging by his voice. I was wrong. He’s 21.

What song is on repeat for you right now?


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