Forget the Big Picture

Hello Sunshine!


(photo credit: Chris Darling)

I just had an epiphany I wanted to share with you. Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed about my fitness journey. I have so far to go! So many goals I want to accomplish. The idea of it all has been just too much. I didn’t know how to approach any of it.

But this morning I had a thought. I need to forget the big picture! I need to concentrate on right now, today, this moment. I can do things today to feel better tomorrow. I need to stop focusing on what I want long-term and be happy that what I do now makes a difference.

Sort of like the bee in the picture above. He is not just flying around that flower, worried about he is ever going to get all of the pollen. He’s concentrating on one piece, one part at a time. Sooner or later he will get all the pollen. I need to be that honeybee. I need to concentrate on one sweet victory at a time.


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