They Find Me Irresistible

Bugs that is.

One of the downfalls of summer? Bugs. Bugs everywhere. And I am not a fan. I always apply bug spray before heading into the woods to avoid becoming life support for ticks. And so far that has worked for me. But I don’t apply it to my face. And gnats and mosquitoes have taken notice. Both Monday and last night on my trail runs, the stupid bugs have swarmed my face. But not OMG Becky’s. What the heck?! Apparently, I exude the special “come hither” sense insects find irresistible.

I told OMG Becky on Monday that I was going to start wearing a beekeepers hat when outside.

 (photo by premus)

I was only half kidding.

Last night was definitely the worse. It wasn’t even just gnats and mosquitoes. It was bigger bugs coming way too close as if I was wearing insect camo or something. I had a large bug dive bomb the back of my neck. You can bet that one scared the crap out of me! Another good-sized one flew into my hand. Then something buzzed so close to my face it touched my bottom lip. One flew into my nose. Luckily, I wasn’t breathing in at the time! And then two more flew into my mouth. My MOUTH, people! I can’t even.

I need to find a bug repellent safe for my face. And maybe a bug-repelling gum. Has anyone invented that? If not, I call dibs. Sounds like a money-making idea to me!

lake, sailboat

At least the views are worth it.

What do you use to keep the bugs at bay?


4 thoughts on “They Find Me Irresistible

  1. Kirtley Freckleton@ The Gist of Fit

    HAH!!! I just researched how to get away from mosquitos w/o deet!
    So here is what I am trying (I have about 8 bites on me now from running on the farm).
    I am going to try and eat more garlic and apple cider vinegar. Sounds quacky, but I lived in the philippines for 18 months…and didn’t get bit once I got into their diet of tons of garlic. Interesting right? We’ll see how it goes hah.
    Good luck to you!!


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