Best Dog Park

Well OMG Becky did it. She got her driver’s license last week. And the world was never the same. 

new driver

Don’t worry, fellow Mid-Westerners, we are still getting lots of practice in together. She is only driving to and from work alone at this point. It’s part of the agreement with her dad. He had an extra vehicle he is letting her borrow while she saves money for her own car. Until then she can drive this one, but just for work.

And I am enjoying having my own personal chauffeur. Stella and I let her drive us to the dog park on Sunday. It was Stella’s first time ever going to one! Being new dog owners, we had never been to one either. I had no idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.

It was so much bigger than I had imagined!

dog park

I really had thought it would be a small, plain, fenced square. Boy I was wrong! This was a few acres and the park looks just like that, a park. Lots of trees, trails, benches, clean restrooms, and drinking fountains for 2 legged and 4-legged friends. And fun stuff to play on!

dog park

Stella wasn’t too sure about any of that, but with a little encouragement, she was game!

dog park

There was also a separate area with a pond! (You can see it in the upper left corner in photo above.)

As soon as we entered the pond area, this lab-mix pup decided she wanted to play with Stella. Stella wasn’t so sure, but after a few moments of posturing, she was game.

dog park pond

She quickly figured out that the other dog would chase her if she ran, so ran she did. Stella is fast. Very fast. The other dog’s owner said something about it was funny that his dog finally met a dog faster than her. These two ran back and forth around the pond and through the mud. Talk about sliding tackles! At one point, Stella took a flying leap into the water! It was so fun to watch.

dog  park pond

Right after this photo, Stella noticed I was on the opposite side of the pond and came through it to me. Then immediately turned around and went back through it to OMG Becky. Such a nut!

When it was time to go, the park has a great spray-off station for the dogs. It was great being able to clean her up a bit before getting in the car.

But we didn’t head home. We went into the main park for a walk to let Stella dry off. OMG Becky and her had a fun time getting a few sprints in. My little runners!

Such a great park! We will be back.

What is the dog park in your area like? Does your dog like it?


4 thoughts on “Best Dog Park

  1. Kim

    Well, I don’t have a dog but I met a friend at the dog park one day – the one here is what you were expecting – a small fenced in area!!!
    Y’all’s is very cool!

  2. Suzanne

    This sounds like a great dog park. We have a couple of dog parks around here but we have yet to go to either. Since we have two dogs they keep each other pretty well entertained and we often take them to run with one or both of us. There’s a huge pond where we like to take them to run so they get a chance to swim too!


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