They Graduated!

Yesterday we headed downtown to see my two nieces graduate. We got to park a few blocks away. Before walking down to the venue, I asked OMG Becky to smile for a picture. Instead I got this…

Alrighty then. After that she decided she should probably go stand in the shade while waiting for the rest of the family to get our act together. Girl’s skinย burns instantly.

Such a pretty day to go sit inside! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was actually impressed with how short the graduation ceremony was. Just a little over an hour to march almost 500 kids through.

high school graduation


Cousins! Both graduates want toย pursue a teaching degree.

Scary to think the next high school graduation in our family will be OMG Becky’s. I’m not ready for that!

After the ceremony, several of us went to lunch with the graduates.

With our bellies full, OMG Becky and I had a couple of more hours of driving practice. We did manage a short break to let Stella out of the car to stretch her legs.

She had no idea what to think of the carp! I don’t blame her. They are creepy.

We also stopped to count baby bison. There are ten now! We watched them frolic and then saw a bit more than we had bargained for…

Ah nature. What are you going to do? LOL!ย I hope your Sunday was better than that baby’s!

Did you throw your graduate cap? We were forbidden to do so. Party poopers.


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