Online Lately

The internet never ceases to entertain me! Here is a round-up of the things of interest I’ve seen online lately.

1. Parents At The Beginning of The Year Vs. The End.

How you look at drop off, beginning of the year:

How you look at drop-off, beginning of year:

End of year:

End of year:

2. I love Chipotle. This kid gets me.

And now I want Chipotle for breakfast.

3. We are counting down to our summer vacation! I really hope this flight attendant is on our flight.

4. I have a confession. Sometimes on weekend mornings, I watch kid shows. I love Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures, Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild, Animal Science, Wild About Animals, Animal Atlas. Please tell me I’m not the only that still watches these. Anyway, while I was watching one of these shows Sunday morning (I skipped church because my nose was an uncontrollable faucet), I saw this awesome video about optimism. I knew you would enjoy it, too!


5. Another example of wishing I could sing so I could do this.

6. A wager that went wrong or did it?…

7. I’m sure you have seen this video this week, but I had to include because cats are awesome.


What have you seen online lately that entertained you?

Are you a dog or cat person? Cat for me, but don’t tell Stella the Boxer!


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