Music Moves Me

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mine is off to a great start already! I got up hoping for a trail run this morning, but my right arch disagreed with that idea. It hurt during my run yesterday and is still whining. I decided to give it the day off and took Stella the Boxer for a walk around the neighborhood. It was so quiet out! Just us, the birds and the squirrels. We got home just as my girls were waking up. A quick shower later and we headed to church.

After church, we may have stopped for donuts on the way home. The line was the longest I have ever seen there! It wound through the shop, out the front door, across the sidewalk, and into the parking lot. Once inside I overheard the owner say Mother’s Day is their busiest day of the year. I believe it! It may have had something to do with the fact that they give each mom a free regular donut. Thank you very much!

Now I am enjoying some music while working on laundry, this post and cooking for our Mother’s Day family dinner tonight. Here are a few of my favorite songs of the moment.

This song is one I play constantly on repeat. Cannot get enough of it, especially when working out!

This song probably surprised me the most. It came on the radio this week and it sounded familiar, but at the same time I knew I had never heard it before. Such confusion! Then I realized it was a band I love, Bastille, covering a Miley Cyrus song in a really great way. Listen for another fun surprise at 2:57!

OMG Becky and I heard this song while we were out at the lake practicing her driving. Beautiful song!

I like this song, it’s passionate. The video is a bit explicit and she may be in love with a poltergeist…

One of my favorite groups, Grouplove, has another fun song out!

And just for fun, my favorite old song of the moment.

Ukulele music makes me happy!

What are some of your favorites songs right now?


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