Last Saturday, my mom and I got off work early. She insisted we go shopping. Okay, fine. She is in the market for a new bed.

new bed


She may have even asked the saleslady if she could spend the night to thoroughly check out the bed. Sassy didn’t know what to make of the awkward situation.

When we got home, I was startled by this when I went to open my car door.

cat on car


Jasper is such a creeper cat.


cat on car


It really is a miracle that I haven’t run over him in the garage. He has no fear of my car.

Later that night, we went to my niece Myo’s 18th birthday party. I cannot believe she is an official adult now!

blow out the candles, birthday cake


Costco cake for the win!

It was a fun evening with lots of great Mexican food that I, as usual, forgot to take a picture of because I was too busy eating it. Let’s face it, the only reason there is a picture of the cake is because I was forced to pause by the whole “blow out the candles” tradition.

Later when it was time to leave, I couldn’t find Sassy. I realized I hadn’t seen her in at least 30 minutes. I wasn’t worried, I knew she was in the house somewhere, I just wasn’t sure where she was exactly. Then I saw the top of my dad’s head across the room sitting on the couch. I knew immediately Sassy would be next to him.

And I was right.


Those two are inseparable!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


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