Runner Pop Quiz

SCB posted this quiz earlier today and I thought it would be fun to play along.

1.  What weather do you refuse to run in?

Lightening is out for sure.  That stuff is scary. I also avoid freezing rain and sleet. Yep, winters here in the Midwest are a lot of fun. (insert extreme sarcasm)

2.  What distance is your “short” run?

ROFLOL! Short run?! Oh that’s funny. All of my runs are short runs.

3.  How do you stay hydrated while running?  Water fountain, carry your own etc.

Again, funny. I don’t run far enough or long enough to worry about hydrating while running. I do however make sure I have a full water bottle waiting for me after my workout.

4.  Music or no music?

Music varies for me depending on where I am running. If I am on a trail, then no music. I want to be able to hear everything around me.



If I am running neighbors, I tend to run with just one ear bud in and music turned way down. If I am on a treadmill, give me the music and make it loud!

5.  Do you ever run nekkid?  {Without GPS, not literally silly}

So glad she clarified there! Most of the time I run nekkid. I have a Garmin 10, but I forget it half the time and then if I do remember it, it needs to be charged. Winning all around, obviously.

garmin forerunner 10

6.  What is the first thing you do after a run?

Drink all the water! And if I remember, I stretch. Next would be protein of some kind. Chocolate almond milk, Greek yogurt, or a smoothie (unless I’m already cold again).

7.  What’s your favorite running shoe ever?

I started my running hobby in Asics Cumulus and still love them.



I just got these Cumulus 14’s last week. Loving them so far!

8.  Do you make deals with yourself to finish a tough run?  What are they?

I constantly tell myself that I have done this before and I can do this again.

9.  Two things you can not run without besides kicks?

I never run outside without my cell phone and my RoadID. You just never know what could happen on a run, even in a familiar area. Sadly, I learned that lesson last March.

10.  Running has helped me ___________.

Discover I am physically stronger than  I ever imagined!

11.  Are you following a training plan?  If so, what does your weekly routine look like?

No training plan for me at the moment. Maybe signing up for a race would motivate me to train harder…

12.  Be honest, do you regularly stretch + foam roll post run?

I have been slacking on my stretching lately. I was in the habit of doing it forever, but have fallen out. I foam roll occasionally. I really need to work on both. My right glute has been killing me the past couple of weeks!

foam rolling


Hurts so good.


Okay, your turn. Answer any of the questions above!


4 thoughts on “Runner Pop Quiz

  1. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian

    I’m not really a runner, but I’d have to answer the weather question. I think I would be most reluctant to run when it’s icy out. I have enough trouble just walking from my car to the building I’m visiting when there’s ice – I’m always sure I’m going to slip and fall flat on my face!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      We have had ice so much this year! I feel like I spent the last couple of months skating around. It just feels safer to slide vs trying to walk. We are getting more sleet/ice/snow all weekend. Yuck.


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