As Seen Online

Here are a few of my favorite things as seen online recently.

  • I want to go to this school. These administrators are great!

  • Speaking of ice, have you ever heard a lake sing? I love this video. Wish I could witness this in person!
  • I don’t get to watch much, if any, daytime TV. I’m at work and no DVR. But I did see this video online and I have to say it definitely ranks up there as one of the best things I have seen on daytime TV. Watch it until the very end. The last minute is hilarious!

footloose movie poster


Which Footloose do you prefer… the original or the remake? Original! And I say this as someone who recently watched both in the same weekend. My girls and I wanted to compare them.

Have you ever heard a lake sing?

If you could be reunited with someone, who would it be?


3 thoughts on “As Seen Online

  1. Kim

    That video the administrators made is hilarious!!
    So, I have never seen the original FootLoose (sad but true). One day last year when I was recovering from surgery, I watched the new one and loved it. (There are many movies from that era that I’ve never seen or have seen as an adult only – growing up my mom had a LOT of rules and movies were usually on the NO list.)


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