Music Moves Me

If you have seen any of my Music Moves Me posts in the past, you know Imagine Dragons is a group that frequents it. I was so excited to find out they would be on the Grammy’s this year! Their performance with Kendrick Lamar was seriously the best of the night. And now! I wanted to share a video of it with you, but I can’t find an official one. And every one that pops up on YouTube seems to be yanked in a couple of days, but catch it on there if you can.   

Walk off the Earth, another favorite group of mine covering Say Something. I wish this group was bringing their show to my area. Please come to the Midwest. It’s nice here! Well, it’s nice when it’s not freezing with snow winter or smother me with humid heat summer. But other than that, it’s nice!

How can one not be happy after hearing this song? It’s a great song that makes this non-dancer want to dance and be part of this video. Pharrell, are you listening? Call me!

Another happy song.

Have you heard of Birdy? She’s a British teenager and AMAZING! This song from her has been around awhile, but I just heard it recently and love it.

Wild Club, not sure if I have even heard another song of theirs, but I am digging this one.

Love Don’t Die. Or does it?…

Loving this new old song!

An older song that I just discovered.

And this one. This one I saved for last because I am a bit embarrassed to say I like a song by a teeny bop boy band at the bottom of the post. But I do. I like it. There I said it. <insert deep sigh of shame>

What’s your favorite song right now?

Did you watch the Grammy’s? What was your favorite performance?


2 thoughts on “Music Moves Me

  1. Taryn

    I really liked the Imagine Dragons/Kendrick Lamar performance too. And I recently admitted to my love for that last song in your post as well 😉


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