Friday Fit Fix

Another week of pretty good workouts. Only pretty good because I am happy I did them, but still feel like running is a struggle. Am I in that horrible of shape? Am I expecting too much of myself? Or do I need to push even harder to improve? Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to answer those questions. I am just kind of talking to myself out loud online. I do that a lot. Just ask my girls.

Friday – My mom and I hit the gym around 8:30 PM after Sassy’s basketball game. I joked with her we should hit the hydromassage beds first. It had been a long week! She said no, the massage was her reward for getting through her workout. So we got our stuff put away and then hit the treadmills. We quickly noticed the place was pretty empty and about fifteen minutes later, we were 2 of maybe 5 people left. I asked if we had missed an emergency evacuation alarm with our headphones on.


Then just a few minutes later an alarm did go off! A gym employee came around to tell us the gym was closing at 9:00 PM. It was 8:59 PM. We had totally forgotten they closed on Fridays! They gym is open 24/7 through the week. Ugh. Good thing we didn’t stop to have those massages! Our workouts would have been about 10 minutes only. As it was, I got in 20 minutes of hills.

Saturday – Treadmill run at the gym with OMG Becky. She asked me to go! Love it when my girls initiate a workout!

She did not love the signing and dancing I did while listening to the Pitch Perfect channel on Pandora. Apparently, I embarrassed her. She doesn’t get that it’s my job as her mother to do so. Β πŸ˜‰

Sunday – Fantastic hike with both daughters and Stella the Boxer.

rocks, hike

Monday – Day 1 of #CoreCommit

Tuesday – Treadmill run with OMG Becky at the gym and Day 2 of Core Commit at home with both my girls. That was fun. It was harder for them than they thought it would be! Ha!

Wednesday – Wednesday was one of those days at the gym where nothing interested me. I started with a warm-up on the treadmill, moved to the elliptical for a while. Then I hopped on an ARC trainer. Have you ever tried one of those? It was my first time. I’m not sure what to think. It’s suppose to be a great workout, burning more calories than an elliptical and easier on the joints while engaging the glutes and hamstrings more. But about 4 minutes in, my knee had a weird ache. My knees are never an issue. Β Maybe it was just my knee reacting to a different motion/position. I’m not sure. I will try it again soon with caution. I also did Day 3 of Core Commit.

Thursday – Day 4 of Core Commit.

Are you doing a fitness challenge right now? Tell me about it!

How was your week of workouts?


6 thoughts on “Friday Fit Fix

  1. Kim

    No current challenges but I just finished a January core challenge! Planks and push-ups every day – the last 10 days were 90 second plank followed by 50 push-ups (every day!).

  2. 262x2

    No fitness challenge right now, other than the grueling commitment of training for a marathon! Don’t worry about the running, if it’s feeling too tough, you might be pushing yourself too hard during your runs. Just scale back to a better pace so it’s more enjoyable for you. You have plenty of time to push yourself! It looks like you might be doing some significant running time on the treadmill, which I know can be BORING, too, so that never helps!

  3. Karen - Fit in France

    I wanted to do a January fitness challenge but the month was too busy and my workouts were all over the place… between travel, long weekend with husband, work, birthdays…. no challenge for me. When things calm down a bit, I am going to try one… there are several out there I like, I just need to decide which one to do.


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