A Better Ranch

Today for lunch I wanted fresh veggies! Not sure why they sounded so good, it was freezing out, but I wanted them. I also wanted to get some protein in.

ranch veggie dip


I combined one 20 oz container of fat-free cottage cheese and one packet of ranch salad dressing & seasoning mix in the food processor. The final result had a consistency similar to humus that I loved. My girls had it as a snack after school and enjoyed it, too! I think it would make a great, healthier appetizer option at a Super Bowl party this weekend.

And now some random photos from our weekend.

Friday night Sassy’s basketball team had their final game of the regular season.

girls basketball


Going into this game, they were undefeated. This game was a tough one, with us going back and forth with the lead. In the end, we lost by just a couple of points. Man, it was a hard loss. We are hoping for a little redemption in the tournament next weekend.

My car got a wash that it desperately needed.

car wash


That cleanliness lasted all of 24 whole hours. We dirtied the outside getting to the hiking trails and the inside took a beating when Stella the Boxer jumped over the back row of seats, leaving muddy paw prints everywhere.



He will lay on anything at any time. He enjoyed Stella’s second bed. (Her second bed is located in the family room downstairs. Stella much prefers her other couch-like bed in the living room.)

Helping Sassy with her homework.



His coat is so thick right now! I think come spring, it will need to be shaved or I will find clumps of fur so large, I may confuse them with a live, newborn kitten.

What’s your go-to party dish?


4 thoughts on “A Better Ranch

  1. Karen

    What a beautiful kitty! i have one not quite that furry and she sheds like a dog when season change. I love the cottage cheese idea, i am not fan of cottage cheese but I bet it tastes good that way!


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