Surprise Ending

Church Sunday morning was a long one. A good service, but a long one. It also included my 4-month old niece throwing up on me midway through it. My fault, I’m a baby hog. I’m okay with that fact. Either way, after church we needed a little something to boost our energy afterwards.

long john donut

Good night, talk about a sugar coma. After that stop, we did a little grocery shopping for the week. Then it was time for the thing I had been looking forward to all week-long!…

Exploring a new trail! We had spotted this trail driving back from our hike last week. I couldn’t wait to get back to it. And it did not disappoint!

This trail started out narrow and fairly flat, but then it started to get interesting with some fun inclines and declines.



There were a few bridges.

foot bridge

OMG Becky called this one “shady.” Not really sure what she meant by that…


Lots of rocks and tree roots to watch out for.

A bit of ice and mud, but not nearly as much as last weekend.

And then the trail leveled out, widen and I could see a fence at the end. I immediately knew where this trail ended at!…

The native animal enclosure! Buffalo and elk!


After finishing that trail, I was ready for some more fun. We soon found a different trail on another part of the lake. Β It was more difficult than the first trail. I loved it, of course!

There was an entire other side of this trail left for us to explore next time. AND I saw another trail on the other side of the native animal enclosure to try sometime, too! Now if the weather will cooperate and continue with these gorgeous Sundays. Our weather is currently changing. Weatherman says today will feel 75 degrees colder Β than it did yesterday. Yikes. But fingers crossed it rebounds for the weekend again!

Tell me about your weekend!

What’s the weather like in your area?


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