Friday Fit Fix

Happy Friday Sunday!

  • Saturday – Gym time with OMG Becky. She was a machine-hopping mood! We hit the bikes, treadmill and elliptical. She also forgot her headphones. #gymfail

  • Sunday – Hiking with these posers.

  • Monday – Treadmill run at the gym with my mom. I’m finally not totally sucking air during my run/walk intervals. I have been running five minutes and then walking three for 30+ minutes. Sort of my own Couch to 5K. I imagine I will start doing the actual training program this week, hoping to up my actual running time. (Monday also included a haircut, hence the back of my head in the collage!)

  • Tuesday – I felt the need for an elliptical workout at the gym with my mom. Can’t remember why now. But happy to have The Big Bang Theory as a distraction on the TV!

  • Thursday – A little recumbent bike at work and then a treadmill run at the gym with my mom. Can we talk about Timbaland for a minute? Love, love, love his music!


I’m happy to say I got my goal of working out five days a week in last week! I am hoping that tread continues. Β Also, can we talk about my mom for a hot minute? She is still kicking butt with her commitment to working out! And having someone else to work out with makes it so much easier for me to get motivated to do it myself. Workout partners are the best!

Do you have a workout partner or do you prefer solo workouts?

What was your favorite workout last week?

Who is your favorite artist on your workout playlist?


11 thoughts on “Friday Fit Fix

  1. sandralaflamme

    I was in a running rut last week . . . I had been sick and then this cold weather is getting me down : ( I did have an awesome race over the weekend even though it was horribly freezing (I’m in NH). It looks like you got some great workouts in. What are your thoughts about the recumbent bike?

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Congrats on the awesome race! The recumbent bike isn’t my favorite, I find it pretty boring, but it’s great for getting a workout in without stressing most body parts. No sore rear end. No hunched over position.


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