Is That Really a Trail?

Last week I was doing some browsing Google maps looking at satellite images of the lake we live near. It’s a large recreation lake and I was pretty sure there had to be trails other than the one I knew and frequent. Sure enough, I found what looked like a trail. Sunday was on tap to deliver temps near sixties! Trail exploring was a must! The girls even talked a couple of friends into joining us. That made me a little nervous. What if what looked like a trail by satellite was nothing more than a deer run? What if someone got hurt or lost? It’s enough pressure to watch out for my two daughters, but they are more experienced than a lot of kids. Now we are adding other kids the mix? Fingers crossed, we headed out to find this trail.

And find it we did! It was a wide, flat and very well maintained.  I call this type of trail a stroller trail because they are perfect for pushing a stroller on.


Sassy looking normal as usual. I swear she is not Jim Carrey’s daughter.

Thankfully, we soon found a trail more our speed!

This part of the trail did not disappoint! It was narrow, muddy and covered with leaves.


We had vines to swing from.

There were rock-covered, steep inclines.

I waited for the kids to get most of the way up because I wanted to run it. It so reminded me of my beloved trails in Oregon! Unfortunately, I ran up it before they cleared it and had to come to an abrupt stop when they all somehow clustered in one difficult spot. Amateurs.

There was rocking climbing by a few.

Tree climbing by one.


We then looped back to a different part of the trail that appeared have been a road at one time. It lead straight down to the lake!



Such a fantastic way to spend our Sunday!

We are currently enjoying a temperature of one degree with a windchill of minus 15. I want Sunday’s weather back! Actually we are getting it back. This Sunday is predicted to be a repeat of last weekend. I’ll take it! We plan on exploring another trail we saw along the way last week. Can’t wait!

Which do you prefer… flat, manicured trails or more natural trails that you aren’t even sure are real trails?

What are your weekend plans?



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