Friday Fit Fix & New Gym

I told you recently I am really working on getting my workouts in with my new work schedule. Part of that included changing gyms. My daughters and I have been members of the YMCA for years. And we have loved it there!



Some things we enjoyed about our Y in Oregon where my girls and I spent a lot of time:

  • Beautiful space with classes at all hours of the day, every day of the week.
  • Great sports programs for the kids, including volleyball, gymnastics and fencing.
  • Salt water pool that Sassy would live in, if I let her.
  • Gorgeous wellness studio, where every yoga class was always packed.
  • A sauna!
  • They also offered training running groups all year round. I discovered my love of running with other people there!
  • A large foyer with tables and chairs and couches for hanging out. The girls enjoyed going their to do their homework.
  • The feel of a family, community center.

So when we moved back to the Midwest, we quickly joined our nearest YMCA. While it was okay, it lacked a lot of the amenities our previous Y offered.

  • None of the sports programs for the girls were offered there. Their programs were pretty limited to tennis, soccer and basketball for younger children.
  • Fewer fitness classes offered.
  • Open shorter hours.
  • No common/foyer area.

For awhile it worked for me because my work schedule was so flexible. Then when I started my new job in November, I realized my gym time was taking a hit. I suddenly could only make it to one yoga class a week. And it would have to be in the evening. I don’t really like being gone for the evening away from my girls when I’ve already been gone all day at work. The hours the Y was open was also really short on the weekend. I couldn’t go before work on Saturday or before church on Sunday. And they close early on both days. My girls were not going as often to this new Y either. I think overall they just didn’t care for it.

I then began shopping around for another gym. I needed a gym with longer hours. It had to be more convenient for me. Around this same time my mom was interested in joining a gym as well. We decided on one that I hope will be a good fit. So what do I like about the new gym?

  • It’s open 24/7, Monday – Friday and 7 AM-7 PM on Saturdays and Sunday. So many more hours!
  • It’s less expensive! I am paying less than half the price I was paying at the Y. While my girls are not members of this new gym, but I can take them (or any other guest) with me (one at a time) as often as I want.
  • More equipment. There are more than double the number of machines at the new gym. I love not waiting!
  • Changing rooms! I like privacy.
  • More cleaning happening! At the Y, I noticed many people didn’t clean the machines after their workout. Especially when they were going from machine to machine. And I only saw staff cleaning twice in the year I was there. I would then have to clean a machine before and after I used it. The members at this new gym are cleaners! Everyone seems to wipe down when they are done. And there is always a staff member floating around cleaning, too.
  • Free tanning! This gym offers free traditional tanning beds and spray tans. I am not a fan of tanning beds. Bad stuff. And I have never had a spray tan, but I will definitely be getting one soon!
  • Free massage! This gym offers hydromassage beds and massage chairs. I don’t care for the massage chairs, but I quickly fell in love with the hydromassage beds. Feels so good.

Now there are negatives with the new gym. The big one being no classes. I was really considering a different gym that offers everything I wanted. So why did I choose this one? Because my mom wanted to join! And having a workout partner outweighs classes for me right now.

And so far it’s been great! We have both been getting up early, she picks me up and then we hit the gym at 5:00 AM a few days a week. I’m pretty sure this is the first gym she has belonged to. If not, I know she hasn’t been a member for at least 15 years. So far we have just explored the treadmills and bikes. I can’t wait to introduce her to other machines as she gets more comfortable in the gym environment.

Here is my week in workouts…

  • Sunday: Hike with OMG Becky.

hike with dog


  • Monday – Treadmill run at the gym with my mom.


  • Tuesday – Treadmill run and cool-down on the recumbent bike at the gym with my mom.


  • Thursday – Treadmill run at the gym with my mom.



As you can see, my runs are slow. So slow. But I am working on building my endurance again. And I need to introduce some strength and core workouts. Either way, I am happy to be doing something again. It feels so good to move! I am working towards my goals of 500 miles and 10,000 exercise minutes this year. You can follow my progress in the sidebar on the right here and on DailyMile.

What are your 2014 fitness goals?


4 thoughts on “Friday Fit Fix & New Gym

  1. HollieisFueledByLOLZ

    I am a little late to this post but glad I found your blog. Having a gym with a pretty wide range of hours is an important factor for me as well. I want to be able to workout at certain hours (weekend mornings were a huge factor for me).

    My fitness goal is to get back into the running shape I was in previously. Easier said then done!

  2. Susan

    My fitness goals for 2014: stay injury free and have fun! I have a LONG history with injuries and this past summer had to take 7 weeks off from running after a cortisone shot and lots of PT on my hamstring. I am now back in the swing of things and am trying to be so careful about not getting injured. I have no time goals, no real distance goals and no races planned. I just want to be able to run 3-4 times per week for 3-6 miles per session. I have learned to “run my own race” and not compare myself to anyone. I know you said you are slow…I am slow, too! I started incorporating walk breaks in my running which means I can run longer and it feels better, but I average an 11 minute mile! Oh well, like my husband says (when I complain about how slow I am)…”who cares as long as you are doing what you love and having fun”. Know what? He is RIGHT!! Keep up the great work and have fun working out with your mom. AWESOME!!


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