Muddy Headbutt

We had a surprising warm weekend here! I ended up working all day Saturday, but knew I had to take advantages of the great weather while it lasted on Sunday.  OMG Becky and I explored a new-to-us part of the trails in the wooded lake near-by.



The trail was either all mud…

muddy trail

Or all ice.

icy trail

It definitely kept us on our toes the entire time!

Accidental twinsies.


One of us is less happy about that than the other.

trail bridge

I wanted a picture with Stella. That didn’t go very well. She turned her head quickly, slamming into my face.

It hurt a bit. Lucky for me, OMG Becky captured the moment so I could share it with you. Thanks.

Don’t worry, I quickly forgave the little rambunctious monster.

And sadly, this picture is the best one she got. Me squinting into the sun while Stella tries to make up to me with a sloppy kiss.

Photography gold.  😉

I think Stella felt bad because she spent the rest of the hike, literally as close to me as possible.

A little too close.

We left the trail a pretty muddy mess.

So it was bath time for all of us when we got home!

I’m sure she thinks this was punishment for the headbutt.  Ha!

What was the best part of your weekend?

Does your dog like baths?


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